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    Welcome to our “Cats Looking For Homes” page, thank you for visiting us.  

    All of the adult cats and young kittens below are hoping their dreams might come true and that they will find their loving forever home soon.  If you feel you are ready to increase your household with an extra special feline friend we would absolutely love to hear from you.  You need look no further to find a cat or a kitten for your home, we have so many here to choose from you WILL find your friend here!  Our dream is to reach the day we find it a struggle to find the right cat for you!  We have lots of cats and kittens and not all of them are listed here so why not pay us a visit to meet your feline friend!  Click here for more details on how to adopt from ASH Animal Rescue.

    We’ve listed these lovelies by their name A-Z below …please take the time to scroll and read all their little profiles! 



    During the warmer months of the year especially we have lots and lots of kittens who we would love to see find that special home.  We have tabby ones, black ones, ginger ones, black and white ones, white ones, you name it we have them so contact us or call in to visit our kittens.


    Kittens for Adoption

    Meet our gorgeous bundle of joy.

    Our babies are about 16 weeks old and are so much ready to go home. All of them are very friendly and happy kittens. If you can offer a loving home to one or more of them, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


    Kitten for Adoption

    Meet sweetheart boy called Linen.

    Linen is only 10 weeks old and came to us with two sister Cotton and Silk, who are also looking for homes ❤

    Linen is a gorgeous boy. He loves cuddles and doesn’t mind being handled. He is just a sweet little kitten full of love and charm ❤

    Ideally, we would love to rehome kittens in pairs but he is also available on his own.

    We are looking for a five star home for our sweet boy. It can be an indoor home. He is very calm and gentle.

    If you can offer him just that, please get in touch ❤




    Cat for Adoption

    “Sometimes life don’t go as planned but hopefully good things are yet to come”

    Meet gorgeous Alexi.

    Alexi is a middle age, tabby girl. Alexi is really friendly and loving. Alexi had a wonderful, loving home. She was safe, loved and cherished. She was living her dream life. Recently, her life has changed as her beloved owner passed away. Alexi is a bit sad of finding herself in a rescue. We can see that in her eyes. We give her all what we can in Ash but she misses home. We are looking for a quiet, relaxed home for our Alexi where she will be loved and where she will live a happy life. Can you offer Alexi just that??


    Annie came into ASH along with a litter of kittens.

    Once her kittens were reared she then fostered a litter of orphaned kittens. What a special lady Annie really is! She’s such a sweet lady and we think after all her hard work raising kittens she now deserves her big break. Annie has been neutered so no more kittens for her. We just hope that someone out there can see how lovely she is and will consider offering this amazing lady a home of her own where she can chill out and share all the love she has to offer. Please give us a call and ask about Annie.


    Citrus - Lovely Cat for Adoption Meet our sweetheart Citrus. Citrus came to us with kittens. Her kittens have been all rehomed and she is now looking for a home to call her own. Citrus is the most affectionate and cuddly cat you could imagine. She is soft, gentle and so affectionate. She loves cuddles and is a real lady. Citrus is only a young girl, she can be between 1-2 years of age. She has so much love to offer. We just know that the moment you meet Citrus, you will fall in love. She is such an adorable cat. We all love her in Ash so much, will you love her?❤❤


    Meet our stunning Emma.

    Emma is a beautiful girl who has been surrendered to us recently due to change of circumstances.  Emma is just over a year very friendly girl of unique mixed colouring. She is a bit of tabby and a bit of tricolor with amazing green eyes.  Emma is a friendly girl who loves to greet us every time we come to the room where is has her place in. She loves playing and cuddles. Emma is a real purr engine and we just know that she will make someone very happy.  We are looking for a five star home for our sweet Emma. Would that be you?? Please get in touch.


    Meet our beautiful girl Fee.

    Fee is about 2.5 years old girl who needs a chance in life. She has been with us since she was a kitten and has been never lucky enough to be noticed by someone.  We hope that will change and our Fee will find someone who will love her forever.  She is a sweet girl, still a bit shy but with lots of love and gentle cuddles she will be your best furry friend, we are sure of that.  Why not to come and meet our sweet Fee?


    Meet our beautiful girl Geisha.

    The lovely Geisha is a simply beautiful cat that came to ASH as part of a large colony of cats and she deserved much better! Geisha is an amazing looking tortie and we would love to see her go to a home of her own. Geisha is 5-6 years old and is a friendly lady that so deserves to enjoy the good things in life ! Geisha currently shares with another cat and they get along great so I’m sure she’d settle in fine along with another cat. If you think you can offer Geisha a loving home why not come meet her and get to know her.


    Meet our stunning Holly.

    Holly is about 2-3 years old girl who has been surrendered to us due to change in circumstances.  Holly is a very special girl. She is friendly and purrs a lot. She doesn’t mind to be handled.  Holly loves to sit up high. Her previous owners were often finding Holly sitting on the tree.  We would love to find the most safe place for our Holly and we believe that an indoor home would be the best for our girl. And a bed a bit higher than on the floor.  If you can offer her just that please get in touch.


    Meet beautiful Hunter boy.

    Hunter was born in July 2016 and he is a stunning white & tabby boy who is very much ready to go home. He is great with other cats and in overall great little chap.  Our boy really deserves a home to call his own. With kitten season coming soon we really would love him to go home and give him a chance. Can you offer him just that??


    Meet our wide eyed, stunning KitKat.

    Kitkat is a young girl who is still shy but we are working on this. She didn’t get as much cuddles as she should when she was little but we can see that she gets much more trust with people who take care of her.   We are looking for a quiet, calm and patient forever home with no small children for our KitKat. She would need to be an indoor cat initially until she gains trust and confidence in people who offer her love and care she so much deserves.  If you can offer our Kitkat just that, please get in touch.


    Meet our stunning Nancy.

    Our lovely black girl is with us for some time now and we would really love to see her in forever home, relaxing in warm bed. Nancy is about 2-3 years and is a bit shy girl. With the amount of animals we have in Ash its not always possible to spend as much time we would love to overcome her shyness. However, we are 100% sure that in the right home she will just shine. We know that Nancy is a black cat and it just makes her a bit less popular than other colourings. But hey, sure she deserves her chance? Would you love to offer Nancy a loving home? Please get in touch.


    Cats for Adoption

    Meet our sweethearts: Minnie & Izzy

    Minnie & Izzy are wonderful girls who have been surrendered to us due to change in circumstances.

    Minnie is an older, placid and very friendly old lady who is 12 years old. She loves people but also because of her age, she loves her quiet time and her sleep. Minnie loves to be petted and handled. She is a real purring machine.

    Izzy is only 11 months and loves Minnie ❤ Izzy is a real shinning star, she loves playing and cuddles. Izzy loves people and loves to ask for attention.

    Both Minnie & Izzy love each other and we would love to try finding one home for them. They are both healthy, happy, spayed and vaccinated cats who are more than ready to go home ❤

    If you think you can offer these two ladies a loving home, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you ❤


    Meet our handsome Olaf.

    This gorgeous fella just melts our heart every time we see him! He’s a very handsome fella and although he’s shy he soon comes round and so wants to love ! Olaf is just under a year old, he so needs a home of his own. He is in our cattery with his brother Kristoff so he is used to hanging out with other cats. Anyone out there willing to love him unconditionally??


    Meet our beautiful girls Peppa & Piper.

    Peppa came to ASH along with her sister Piper who is in the next picture. They were found straying along with their sister who has since been rehomed. Peppa and Piper are around two years old and are very sweet ladies. We know given the chance they’ll make someone very happy. Why not come meet them and get to know them.


    Cat for Adoption

    Meet gorgeous Rebecca.

    Rebecca is a young girl who has been surrendered to us together with her kittens. Her kittens are ready to go home and it’s Rebecca’s time to look for one. Rebecca is a wonderful, friendly girl. She loves cuddles and is very affectionate. She is very calm and gently. A relaxed, quiet home where she could chill and rest would be the best for our sweet girl. If you think you can offer Rebecca just that, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you ❤


    **Booked** Meet sweet Rose.  Rose is a young girl who ended up with us pregnant and gave birth to gorgeous kittens soon after. As her kittens are nearly gone (two girls are still awaiting their forever homes) we feel that it is now time for Rose to head to her forever home. Rose is a young girl, very friendly and charming, with her ever present purr. She doesn’t mind being carried, she loves being around people and she doesn’t mind other cats. Rose would be a great companion to somebody very lucky.We would love her to go to a five star forever home where she will receive plenty of love and attention.  Can you offer her just that?


    Meet our gorgeous Tigeress.

    Tigeress is a beautiful 2 years old girl who has been surrendered to us due to change in circumstances. Tigeress is a lovely girl who loves to greet everyone with a beautiful meow. Being in rescue is new for our girl so she is slowly discovering the world she has now and can be a bit shy at the first meeting in Ash. But we know from her previous home, that she will be just lovely and perfect at home. All she needs is a comfy bed for a bit of snuggle time. She purrs like an engine then. We are looking for a quiet and relaxed home for our beautiful Tigeress. Can you offer our beauty just that?


    Titan - Cat for Adoption

    Meet majestic Titan (Meow) ❤

    Titan is about 4 years old tabby boy. Titan loves his food so much. His passion is his food and he always knows best when is it a dinner time. Titan loves to be spoiled and he would love to be the only one cat at home.He is ok with dogs but because of his dominant nature he needs to be the only cat at home. Titan is a cuddly boy. He is a typical tabby personality who loves a good scratch behind ear but sometimes he is not so fond of being handled. We are looking for a lovely home for our Titan. A home with no free running chickens or any other small animals is a must as our boy.. as we said..loves his food If you think you can offer our Titan a five star forever home, just get in touch. You will fall in love with this big, charming boy in a minute.

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