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    Sadly a number of animals taken in by ASH may never be re-homed to a loving family.  This may be due to the fact that they may be too old, have settled with us and some have been abused in the past and find it hard to trust humans again.  Of course our pig Kevin Bacon, foxes, our hens, or Sweetie and Silver our horses are not re-homable for their own reasons.   Each of our animals for sponsorship have their very own story to tell and we’ve tried our best to do this on their behalf.

    With regard to our dogs in many cases they can be visited and walked. Without question most (but not all) of the dogs would absolutely love a visit and to spend a little time in the company of their very own sponsor.   They are great listeners, great company and all they want is a little “me” time in the company of a friend, get a few hugs, perhaps a little treat or two.  They don’t look for much to be honest.  It’s very obvious though (and hugely pleasing) seeing that so many dogs do remember their sponsors when they return.

    Sponsorship costs €50 for one year and for this you will receive a sponsorship pack containing:-

    Sponsorship for one of our cats costs €30 euro each for the year.   Our pigs can be sponsored as a group for €50 euro as can all of our foxes Hazel, Diesel, Foxy and Freddie.

    All of our “long term”/permanent residents incur ongoing costs including food, shelter, veterinary bills etc and sponsoring one of these animals helps us defray these costs.

    Sponsorship payments can be made by either:-

    Please then email our sponsorship volunteer Caroline at and let us know the name(s) of the animal(s) you have chosen to sponsor, the name to put on the certificate and who and where we should send your sponsor pack.


    Please remember to include the name(s) of the animal(s) you have chosen to sponsor, the name to put on the certificate and who and where we should send your sponsor pack.

    (If you are giving the gift of sponsorship please be sure to let us know if it’s for a special occasion or “just because …”)

    Without further ado we invite you to read the stories of the animals who are available for sponsorship.  Thank you so much for thinking of them!


    Everyone who visits Ash knows our Sweetie boy 🙂
    ‘Sweetie came to us when one of our loyal supporters moved abroad. Sweetie is a little greedy when it comes to food and therefore he has to be kept on a small paddock as too much grass caused lameness. He is a real sweetie and is a well loved companion and friend of our lovely sheep whose name has been lost over time.
    Sweetie loves visitors and is always ready for hugs on nose rubs. Why not to sponsor Sweetie ❤


    Before lockdown began, here in the centre we welcomed a new permanent resident to the Ash family.
    Having recently lost our dear cocker spaniel Sadie to cancer, there was a spaniel shaped hole in our hearts and living room. Then along came Scooby; older boy – 10 years old. endearing, bouncy and full of life and love. Surrendered due to a change in his owners circumstances, his joyful personality, infectious happiness and good looks won us all over (Remi in particular).

    Then was the next challenge, would he be accepted by Ralph, our notoriously grumpy Dogue du Bordeaux. Much to our surprise, Ralph accepted him with open paws and he slotted right into the living room as though he’d been there all his life. Fast forward to now and he’s loving being a member of the Ash family, he gets on well with all his four legged pals in the living room and has secured himself a permanent space on the couch (or Remi’s lap, whatever is available). We are thrilled to have him here and as far as we can tell, he’s equally thrilled to be here!



    Everyone knows our Bruno at this stage. Bruno is about 5 years now and has been with us for about 3 years.
    Bruno is a jack russell boy who loves walkies. He is the sweetest personality – when he is in Ash. We believe that he thinks Ash is his place and only in Ash he behaves very well. Loves meeting people and goes for long walkies.

    Bruno got his chance 5 times. He went to varius home environments and all of his potential homes were checked before he went there. We thought all is fine as he is such a beautiful, good boy. He has a jac russell nature – active and sharp. But we never thought he could not settle at a home. Bruno came back from adoption 5 times. Each time he had the same issues – snapping, massive guarding of his territory, biting, barking. This behavious was developed either immediately or within days. At one of his homes – he was there 3 weeks and that was the longest. We knew people giving him the best chances.

    At this stage, we feel that Bruno will stay with us. We will not be advertisiting him for rehoming. He is so much loved as Ash resident. He loves his walkies and he takes part in Ash events. He is happy to meet new people who would love to spend some time with him in Ash. We never say know if another special person would love to commit and work with Bruno and possibly give him another chance. We never say no to that. Good news is that Bruno is a dog who can be sponsored as from now on we treat him as Ash Resident.

    Sponsorships of our dogs help us a lot with a financial side of keeping Ash running and saving more animals in need.
    Bruno – you are so loved and we hope you will have somebody special (or more than one person) who will also love you virtually ❤ and will visit you someday for a lovely walk 🙂


    Everyone knows our Winston at this stage. Winston is about 7 years now and has been with us for about 5 years. Winston is a medium size spitz cross.

    Winston is a perfect boy in Ash. He loves his walkies and is great on the lead. He is gentle and walking him is a pleasure. Winston is just a laid back boy who somehow accepted that he has been in a rescue for a long time.Winston went to a home long time ago but it didnt work. He had some guarding issues and snapped. He came back to us. . He went to another home and that worked fine but due to sudden issues with owner’s health he came back to Ash. After that he went to another home and this didnt work out as he bit the new owner.

    We have made a decision that Winstron will not be actively advertised for rehoming. This is to simply avoid another dissapointment and bad experience for this boy. Winston can be still rehomed if a very special, experience home would come as he is a difficult boy when he goes home and we want to make it clear that he is looking for an extremely experienced owner who knows how to work with dogs. Winston was regularly attending our sponsored walkies and he was never having any issues with another dogs.

    Good news is that Winston is a dog who can be sponsored as from now on we treat him as Ash Resident.Sponsorships of our dogs help us a lot with a financial side of keeping Ash running and saving more animals in need. Winnie – you are so loved and we hope you will have somebody special (or more than one person) who will also love you virtually ❤ and will visit you someday for a lovely walk !

    Winston is very much loved in Ash. He loves his walkies with volunteers and is looking for meeting all his future sponsors who may want to support him further. We love Winston very much and we only want what’s best for our boy. ❤


    Many of you know our precious small chihuahua cross boy called… Jaws 😁

    Jaws has been found straying, possibly dumped in a village close to us and ended up in the safety of Ash 😊 Why such unusual name, you ask? Jaws is a lovely boy when he likes you. And he only likes a number of people. He loves Remi ♥️ His tail never stops wagging and his eyes are smiling from love when he sees him. He slowly gets to like more people but this takes a lot of time and patience in building the trust.

    At this moment, Jaws is not looking actively for a home. If a miracle would happen and someone very dedicated would be interested meeting him, we are up for it absolutely. But we can see that gaining the trust, in Jaws’s case takes long time. Jaws can be walked, once not much interacted, he is perfect in doing his walking business. He loves it.

    Jaws is one of the dogs which can be sponsored as we just know that it is a long way for this boy to be ready to find a home.


    Enniscorthy Max (name inspired by his origin) is another of our permanent resident dogs who are available for sponsorship.
    Max came to us many years ago (over 6 years ago) as his owners could not handle him. When we collected him, he had been previously left out in the owner’s yard 24/7 and was totally unhandled. His owner directed Remi and Helena to the backyard to catch him themselves as they couldn’t touch him.. to say he was feral would be an understatement.
    As the years have gone by, Enniscorthy Max has improved drastically, learning to trust more and more people and begin to behave like a normal dog. He is now approximately 12 and loves his walks with his favorite people, he also loves to bomb around the garden with a tennis ball or a teddybear, those old legs can still move! However unfortunately due to his past and how settled he has become, at this stage it would be unfair to uproot him so he will spend his days in ash, surrounded by those who love him and can manage his environment to set him up for success, but he’s not complaining, he loves it here!

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