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    Welcome to our Volunteering pages which aim to tell you everything you need to know about volunteering with ASH.

    Our committed volunteer, Gwen, helps us out by responding to any questions you might have about volunteering for ASH.  Gwen helps us by setting up times and dates for volunteers to visit (so we know you are coming) and is currently organising occasional volunteer days where you can see, and become involved first hand in volunteer work for our sanctuary.  Gwen explains a little about volunteering below.  Please have a read and if you are interested in volunteering please email Gwen at (please head up your email “VOLUNTEERING FOR ASH”)

    “I started to volunteer with ASH a couple of years ago after seeing them on TV’s Ireland AM programme.  Ever since I started volunteering I’ve realised that one person can’t do everything but many people can make a real difference.

    Unfortunately we are understaffed at the moment and financially unable to employ anyone else so any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Volunteering can be any one, or all of the following:

    Dog Walking/spending time with the animals

    We need volunteers every/any day of the week so that all the dogs get out for walks. You can stay for one hour or as many hours as you like.  Everyone who knows and loves dogs will know how much they enjoy their walks.  When they see us coming they get really excited, they know what they are in for.  If we have enough volunteers we can be sure that all the dogs will get out for their walk. That’s where you can make a big difference to their lives.

    Even one hour of your time would take a couple of very grateful dogs out for a desperately needed walk.  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, it’s guaranteed to be excellent exercise and you can leave knowing that your dog will have stretched its legs. You will help in their ultimate quest for a new home because they are healthier, happier and can settle down for a nice evening’s rest dreaming of the new smells they experienced that day because of you.  They really love and need it.

    ASH is located in Kiltegan/Rathdangan Co Wicklow in the picturesque Wicklow hills.   The surrounding area is beautiful and the fresh air will do you good.  The walk is wonderful with a stream running along the hedge rows, the dogs love to stop and have a little drink en-route.  You can’t but smile when you’re with them as you can’t help but see just how much the dogs love it.

    For anyone who’d like to take a few dogs out and experience volunteer dog walking in a less energetic (yet just as important) way we have a good few older animals who are not quite up for a long walk but love to get out nonetheless.  All they want is for you to share a little time in their company, give them a little attention and let them get some fresh air and smells (and, of course, leave behind a few of their own!).


    We are always in need for volunteers to help raise much needed funds so if you have any suggestions for fundraising events such as arranged bag packing days in a local supermarket, coffee mornings, car washing, cake sales or even know of a group of people who would be willing to collect donations in shopping centres we’d love to hear from you.

    Day job skills

    Perhaps you have some special skills which you use during your day job, which you feel could benefit ASH?  Volunteers have helped us design our website, our Christmas Cards and flyers.  Others have volunteered to distribute flyers and other promotional material.  Perhaps you have some building or DIY skills which you could offer to help with maintenance of the sanctuary?  If you feel you can help in similar or any other ways please let me know by emailing me at

    Cleaning kennels, feeding etc

    We are so understaffed at the moment so if you were up for getting down and dirty and help clean out some of our kennels or collect and clean feeding bowls it would be terrific!   Feeding the animals alone can take hours to do as we have so many in the sanctuary so we very much could do with a hand on this task any day of the week.  These tasks are perhaps not the most exciting but they are definitely one of the most invaluable to us.

    Getting our name out there

    One of the easiest ways that you can help is getting our name out there.  When we are promoting events we’d love if you could share these events with your friends to spread the word.  So if you’re a member of Facebook, Myspace etc why not become a friend of ours on these sites and share information with your friends about ASH?

    Getting started as a volunteer (first timers)

    If you would like to be a volunteer with Ash Animal Rescue please email me at  Just let me know what sort of volunteering activities you would like to get involved in and an idea of what sort of day(s) you would be free to offer you time and we can take it from there.

    We will be arranging a number of volunteer days over the next few months, where an experienced volunteer will be on hand to show you the ropes and get you started.  Please let me know if you would like to attend one of these days and I’ll be in touch with you.  Details will be posted on our website soon.

    What to bring

    Remember to bring a packed lunch, something to drink, waterproof clothes, gloves if needed and if the weather is cold your hat and scarves.  Wellies/boots are also a good idea as we are located on a farm with muddy fields surrounding us.  Make sure your footwear is comfortable for walking.

    We really need volunteers more than ever.  So, if you think you would be interested in any of the above activities, or have any ideas or suggestions on volunteering for ASH please please get in touch with me.

    Remember …  what might seem small to you makes a big difference to us. We really need your help!

    Thank you, Gwen.”

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