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    Rusty and Ben






    Buster & Charlie


    We are looking for a great home for our Charlie and Buster. A home who understands Bassetts needs and their type of personality. They are wonderful breed and we love them very much.

    If you think you can offer Buster and Charlie a five star home they deserve, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.




    Stan & Ollie






    Belle and Buster

    Benji and Rocky

    Minnie and Bob


    Meet our sweetheart boy called Rudy.

    Rudy is 10 years old beautiful soul hairy lurcher cross (maybe with some Irish Wolfhound).

    Rudy was used in badger baiting and was found dumped at the bottom of our lane after half of his nose was eaten by a badger during one of the hunting nights. He has been with us since. Having only a half of the nose doesn’t stop Rudy. His nose is fully functioning and he is a happy and healthy older boy.

    Rudy is a gentle big boy. Walking him is a pleasure. He is great on the lead and he greets everyone with a smile. Rudy is good with other dogs, especially dogs of his size e.g. lurchers. Because of his past he would not be suitable in a home with cats or small dogs. As a lot of dogs, Rudy has his instinct. He loves people and is very gentle.

    Rudy has been with us for a long time. We love him dearly but we believe it is a time for our Rudy to find a home. He loves his comforts and he loves his sleep. He dreams of a very relaxed home full of love. We can se ethis in his eyes. He still has this hope that the right home will come.

    Rudy is regularly walked in Ash and is loved by all dog walkers and volunteers.

    We are looking for a five star home for Rudy. If you think you can give a chance to an older dog with a sad past, please get in touch. Rudy will show you all the love he has. He is the most gorgeous dog and we wish that his dreams will come true…



    What’s not to love?



    Harold the Hollyview

    Trolley puppy 4




    Millie Mi

    Killian Puppies


    Coolboy #2





    Coolboy #3

    Coolboy #1







    Trolley puppy 7

    Trolley puppy 5

    Trolley puppy 1










    Dog for Adoption






    Meet our wee Benji♥️

    Benji is an 8 year old miniature Jack Russell who has been surrendered to us due to change in circumstances.

    Benji is a happy and very loving chap. He is a small, active lad who is great on the lead and loves walkies.

    Benji loves people – especially children. He is a gorgeous boy and he would love to get his second chance in life.

    Benji dreams of a lovely, five star forever home. This boy has so much love to give.

    Why not to give him a chance to shine? ♥️ Please get in touch.


    Penny & Buddie

    Cat & Dog for Adoption


    Dog for Adoption

    Meet our stunning boy Railey who has been found straying and ended up in the safety of Ash.

    Railey is a young, not even a year old, fawn colour boy.

    Railey was rescued by a lovely lady and had an opportunity to be at home for a few days with her own animals so we can say a little bit more about this gorgeous boy.

    Railey is brilliant on the lead, he is good with other dogs and also cats. He is toilet trained. Just an all round wonderful, amazing boy.

    Why not to come over and meet him, get to know him and …fall in love


    Dog for Adoption

    Meet the most adorable Buster.Buster is only 9 months old collie boy who has been surrendered to us due to change in circumstances.

    Buster wants to make friends with everyone. He loves walkies and is a really cuddly gorgeous man. Buster is brilliant on the lead and has a real gentle, loving personality. He is a bit shy initially but shines like a real star after meeting him for a while.

    Buster used to live with a cat so he is great with them. He is also house trained.

    We are looking for a five star home with no small children for our Buster as we know that can be a bit too much for our boy.

    We hope there is someone who will fall in love with that gorgeous boy and open a heart for him ❤ We would love to hear from you ❤


    Dog for Adoption

    Meet sweetheart Bruno.

    Bruno is only 7 months old lablador cross boy who has been surrendered to is due to change in circumstances.

    If you are looking for a perfect family dog – Bruno is the answer.

    Bruno is great with children. He is gentle and loving nature boy, very affectionate and caring. Bruno, as every young dog loves playing and long walkies. He is very good on the lead.

    Bruno is also great with other dogs. He is just all round great, well-behaved boy.

    Why not to visit us and give Bruno a chance, offer him a home ❤ He would love that.

    What’s not to love?


    Scoopy - Puppy for Adoption

    Meet happy Scoopy

    Snoopy is only 4 months beautiful brindle colour terrier cross who has been surrendered to us due to change in circumstances.

    Snoopy is a happy, small boy. He is so great on the lead and loves playing. He loves his toys so much. Scoopy is so affectionate and cuddly. He loves people and attention.

    Snoopy is great with other dogs, he is playful with them. He is not so great with cats.

    Snoopy is all round great boy and will make a fabulous family pet.

    Come and meet this friendly boy ❤ He will love you forever ❤


    Jim - Dog for Adoption

    Meet our handsome Jim.

    Jim is just over a year lurcher boy who has been found straying and ended up in the safety of Ash.

    Jim is a wonderful boy. He loves walking and is very good on the lead. Jim loves people and is a gentle and good nature boy. He loves cuddles and he stops during walkies just to get attention.

    Jim, as every young lurcher loves active walkies when he can release his energy. He sleeps for long hours after that ❤

    We are looking for a five star home for our handsome Jim. He is a big boy and loves jumping around, a high, secure fencing is a must.

    If you think you can offer our sweet boy just that, please let is know ❤


    Dog for Adoption


    Dog for Adoption

    Meet beautiful Popeye.

    Popeye is 5 years old one eyed Pomeranian boy who has been adopted from us but is back in Ash due to change in circumstances.

    Popeye is a happy and friendly boy. He is good with other dogs, he is also good on the lead. Popeye is very loyal and affectionate. As every Pomeranian Popeye loves everyone but children are too much for him.

    Popeye loves learning and is very smart. He loves observing the world while sitting on the lap, that is what Popeye loves the most.

    Pomeranian dogs, also known as Pom Poms, originated in Germany as a favorite lap dog of the royal court and most Poms still act like a member of the royal class


    Parker - Springer Cross for Adoption



    Raz - Puppy for Adoption




    Tiny Jack


    Mary Lou



    Dog for Adoption







    Stan & Ollie








    ***BOOKED*** Meet gorgeous girl Avon.

    This beautiful lady was surrendered to ASH due to a change in circumstances.

    Avon is 8 years old collie cross and she is a beautiful little lady. She is good on the lead, okay with some other dogs and she needs a nice comfy, quiet home to call her own.

    Avon loves people and cuddles. She also loves her food but she also loves walkies ❤

    Avon needs an adult only home as children can be a bit too much for her. We won’t hold that against her. She loves her quiet time, she is one of our oldies looking for home ❤

    If you can offer her a just that we’d love to hear from you. What’s not to love? Isn’t she just gorgeous ❤

    We just know that in the right home, she will shine.


    Dog for Adoption


    Dog for Adoption

    ***BOOKED*** Meet our gorgeous Denver.

    Denver is about 7 months old small Jack Russell boy who has been found straying and ended up in the safety of Ash.

    Denver is a real sweetheart. He loves people, he loves cuddles and is very affectionate. Denver makes friends with anyone he meets.

    Our boy is great with other dogs and really good on the lead.

    We are looking for a five star home for our sweet Denver. If you can offer that just that, please get in touch ❤


    Nancy - puppy for Adoption




    Lucy - Dog for Adoption


    Holly - gorgeous lady for Adoption



    Katie - Lurcher Cross for Adoption


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