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    ASH Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and is based in Rathdangan, Co.Wicklow. Since 1990 we have taken in hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats and a variety of other animals.   We spend our lives doing our very best caring for them, rehabilitating some and looking for loving homes for those that can be homed.   We are a non-profit organisation. Throughout the years we have homed hundreds of dogs and cats.   We’ve rescued many animals from horrific situations that we still can’t comprehend and many of these dogs and cats are now sitting by their owners feet in a house or running happily in a park chasing a ball and are the apple of someone’s eye.  Sadly this isn’t always the case and sometimes we won’t ever succeed in rehoming.

    We have a strict NO-KILL policy and take this very seriously.   Any animals that can’t be rehomed for whatever reason will become permanent members of our ASH family and we will care for them for the rest of their lives.   We can’t stress enough that this is not an invitation to offer/bring us dogs that are not suitable for homing.   We’ve survived until now on the generosity of friends, donors, volunteers and sponsors but right now we, like everyone else are very seriously struggling to keep our head above water and care for the animals that are already in our care.

    We welcome visitors to our rescue 6 days a week (by appointments only) so why not pop in for a visit!

    Please contact Helena by sending her an email to and providing your contact number there. We will get back to you to arrange an appointment !


    Our dog population is made up of 4 groups;

    *  Puppies
    *  Adult Dogs
    *  Adult dogs (booked/in a home but on our waiting list and destined to come here)
    *  Permanent residents

    Our puppies: We always have pups in ASH.   They are always so very cute, bags of fun and always bring a little smile to our faces when we see them.   Our pups can vary in age from newly born (because mummy came in pregnant) or because they were orphaned at a very young age.   We do have to insist that pups go to homes on the absolute guarantee that they will be neutered/spayed when they are ready.

    Adult Dogs: We usually have 40-60 adult dogs hoping for a home.  They come to us under a variety of circumstances and these poor dogs usually end up here because owners have had to leave the country, lost their jobs and cant afford to keep them.  Sometimes families have had babies and the dog has lost their slot in the family unit and they feel they are best suited to someone who can give them the attention they need.  Some are found straying, abandoned and neglected others are just left on our doorstep.  98% are suitable for rehoming and just need their second chance.  We’ve got tall dogs, small dogs, happy dogs, yappy dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs, slow dogs, fast dogs, scruffy dogs and even posh dogs … the list goes on.   All are suitable for the right home and all are hoping every day their chance will come.    We hope we can make that happen for them!

    Adult Dogs (booked/in a home): These are a mixture of dogs in our care that have been chosen by owners but are still here dying to join their new families but sometimes the home check hasn’t been done yet or the dog still has to be neutered or spayed or there might be a few health issues that need to be addressed before they are 100% ready.   Lately we have had requests from concerned members of the public who have thankfully held on to a dog but given their own circumstances they can’t hold on to them for long usually.  If we can rehome these dogs at least the dog will never have to enter the rescue centre situation.  Our priority rests with those that are in our care and are in a rescue centre situation.

    Permanent residents: We have about 16 – 20 permanent residents that are considered to be no longer on the homing list, either because they are too old, not in good health, have a difficult temperament or simply have been here too long.   We will be caring for these animals for the rest of their lives and all of these are up for sponsorship.  Many of these animals are lucky enough to get walks and visits with their very own best friend and sponsor.  It’s great for them and gives us a bit of a boost knowing someone else is thinking of them too.


    We currently have about 40-50 adult cats in our cattery where many cats live and enjoy each others company as they hope and wait for a new home.  It is always a bonus if some kind person is willing to take on 2 cats that have bonded and have shared their space together for some time.

    About 170 – 190 kitten/cats are taken in annually and although we realise it is a drop in the ocean it is the best we can do right now.  Many of the young kittens that we take in live in Helena’s office which is good for the socialising but we do our very best to home them before they become adults.

    Our 23 permanent adult cats (obviously all spayed and neutered) have the freedom of the hills. Most of them have lived here a long time, some most or all of their lives. Two or three come into the house regularly, the others are more at ease outside where they stay around the dog kennels and accompany us when we walk the dogs. There are large sheds where we feed them and where they find ample shelter.


    We have also taken in and rehomed a small numbers of rabbits, guinea pigs and help out with injured wildlife.  We currently have 3 foxes and 2 wild rabbits as permanent residents – all have their own special quarters.

    Visit ASH Animal Rescue


    Registered in Ireland – No: 522368 Directors: M Doran, N Bermingham Registered Office: Animal Sanctuary Hubasha Ltd T/A ASH Animal Rescue, Rathdangen, Kiltegan, Co Wicklow – Registered Charity No: 20101312


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