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    Sadly a number of animals taken in by ASH may never be re-homed to a loving family.  This may be due to the fact that they may be too old, have settled with us and some have been abused in the past and find it hard to trust humans again.  Of course our pigs, foxes, our hens, or Nikki our horse are not re-homable for their own reasons.   Each of our animals for sponsorship have their very own story to tell and we’ve tried our best to do this on their behalf.

    With regard to our dogs in many cases they can be visited and walked. Without question most (but not all) of the dogs would absolutely love a visit and to spend a little time in the company of their very own sponsor.   They are great listeners, great company and all they want is a little “me” time in the company of a friend, get a few hugs, perhaps a little treat or two.  They don’t look for much to be honest.  It’s very obvious though (and hugely pleasing) seeing that so many dogs do remember their sponsors when they return.

    Sponsorship costs €50 for one year and for this you will receive a sponsorship pack containing:-

    Sponsorship for one of our cats costs €30 euro each for the year.   Our pigs can be sponsored as a group for €50 euro as can all of our foxes Hazel, Diesel, Foxy and Freddie.

    All of our “long term”/permanent residents incur ongoing costs including food, shelter, veterinary bills etc and sponsoring one of these animals helps us defray these costs.

    Sponsorship payments can be made by either:-

    Please then email our sponsorship volunteer Caroline at and let us know the name(s) of the animal(s) you have chosen to sponsor, the name to put on the certificate and who and where we should send your sponsor pack.


    Please remember to include the name(s) of the animal(s) you have chosen to sponsor, the name to put on the certificate and who and where we should send your sponsor pack.

    (If you are giving the gift of sponsorship please be sure to let us know if it’s for a special occasion or “just because …”)

    Without further ado we invite you to read the stories of the animals who are available for sponsorship.  Thank you so much for thinking of them!

    Dante lives in the living room in the cottage and like all of our permanent residents he’s very much part of our ASH family.  Dante is a wee bit of a flirt to be honest and absolutely loves a cuddle from anyone and everyone.  He’s probably the smallest dog in ASH and weighs just over … 0 kg .  This teeny little cutie loves nothing more than being allowed up onto a friendly lap for a cuddle or a snooze if you so much as visit the living room.  He may reside in our cottage with a a few dogs who are at least 8 times his size but Dante is definitely one of our biggest characters for sure.  He’s a great little ambassador for ASH and for rescue animals as a whole and has joined Helena on educational school visits and also a few fundraising events!  If you ever wanted to visit Dante he’d love to meet you and go for a stroll (even a little carry n’ cuddle en route) and stroll again!


    Lucy is a gorgeous cuddly Newfoundland girl who will greet you on arrival in our cottage.  Usually this greeting is with her pal and fellow Newfie Willis (but possibly Cheeky too).  Lucy was surrendered to ASH over a year ago.  We can’t quite explain just how much joy she has brought to ASH and in particular to our Willis (who lost his best pal Holly not that long before Lucy came to ASH – Holly was an older St Bernard and Willis and herself were inseperable).  Willis has become a new man altogether since she arrived!  Lucy is much younger than Willis and has so much more energy than him but wowzers has she put an extra little pep in his step or what?  Can’t say we blame him – Lucy has lovely long locks, is full of energy and is a bit of a babe in Newfoundland dogs life we reckon.  Yes Willis may have a few years on Lucy but she’s really brought out his youth and energy again.  Lucy is an adorable big girl and like Willis also loves her hugs.  She still has a way to go to banish a few of her own personal fears from life before ASH but we know she’ll get there in time and with a little help from her friends and this is already happening.   This pair are a great match, best buds and looking out for each other all the time!   Lucy can be walked but only with adults (accompanied) ’cause she’s a pretty big gal after all.  Willis is also up for sponsorship and his story can be read below!


    In August 2009 poor Steve was knocked down by a car in Carlow. Remi took him to BrayVets for an operation at the time where Steve had to undergo surgery on two fractured legs.  After his surgery we took him back to care for him and prepare for his rehabilitation.   We desperately tried to find his owner and even took him with us to make an appeal on Ireland AM.   No-one came forward.

    Not long after we put out a special appeal to help us help Steve we were thrilled to hear that he was lucky enough to be offered a home.   Unfortunately, during his time in his new home more issues arose with his leg and Steves new owners couldn’t afford to pay his ongoing vet fees.  So Steve came back to us and we were not only faced with the costs of caring for Steve but our worst fears came true when recently the vet told us we faced the decision to amputate his leg!!  This is not something we entered into lightly but Steve was in too much pain and last week we agreed to amputate.

    We hope Steve will somehow forgive us.  It broke our heart into a thousand little pieces to be the ones to have done this to Steve but we know and have been advised and assured that it was the only course of action for Steve to make him feel better.   Steve has since become very much part of our ASH family and lives in the living room with his mates.    He loves to go for a walk, loves a cuddle and loves  little company and “me” time so if his sponsor was ever in the area please do come and visit him.  He’d love that!

    Sadie is a lovely little Cocker Spaniel.  She initially came to us over 5 years ago.  Her owner had bought her as a companion to her elderly Cocker Spaniel.   Sadly her dog didn’t warm to Sadie at all and just wanted her gone.  We took Sadie to TV3 with us once and pretty soon we found her a new home.  Sadly this didn’t work again out for little Sadie because of an allergy.   So we tried again and it didn’t work out because unfortunately Sadie snapped at her owner.  We really prayed she might be fine in the right home but this proved not to be the case when snapped again in her final home.   We love Sadie very very much in ASH and she is really very happy here.  She’s the sweetest dog you can imagine most of the time but just not always.  She’s great friends with Springbok and Tyson.

    Sadie could be walked by her sponsor if they wanted to come up to visit.  She absolutely loves walk time, the company and everything to do with a wee escape and adventure in the countryside.  She’s a real charmer up here.  We love her to bits.

    Willis is a gorgeous big Newfoundland boy.  He was surrendered to us about 8 years ago after he was given as a Christmas present and pretty soon later his owners didn’t want him … they didn’t think he’d get that big!?!  This is so hard for us to imagine but sadly this type of thing still happens!!  Willis is such a huge presence in ASH (literally) and loves meeting and greeting anyone who comes into the cottage. He’s such a big charmer/flirt, loves a hug and dribbles like we can’t possibly tell you bless him … he also has a thing about sitting on your feet as you’re talking to people – but hey that’s allowed right?  We all absolutely adore our Willis in ASH – if you ever visit he’ll be one of the first dogs you’ll ever meet and we’re pretty sure it will be love at first sight!  Willis would absolutely love to get a visit from his sponsor – its 50/50 whether he’d go for a walk though – its sheer “not botheredness” other than anything else if he doesn’t but he is so adorable it’s probably worth a try if you were in the area and were “passing by”. There is one “lady” that might put a wee pep in his step and thats our Lucy …


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