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    Our Supplies Wish List

    Food donations are always such a MASSIVE support to us and are always a huge life saver for us.  We are always in need of old newspapers or shredded bags of paper for our pups in particular.

    These are mostly used to help with bedding for our puppies but we have so many other uses too.  So, if anyone out there is keen to recycle and at the very same time directly help quite a few animals please think of us.  We’d love if you could drop up whenever with whatever newspapers/shredded paper you might have (except glossy magazines which we can’t use).

    There are many other things we’d gratefully receive, such as dog or cat food, leads, collars, soft toys, bedding or beds, cat litter, toys for chewing like Kongs, etc or anything you think a puppy or dog, kitten or cat could be distracted with and enjoy, day or night.   These are things we’d love to get any time especially if you no longer have any use for them.

    We honestly couldn’t continue to do what we do for these homeless animals without your support and thoughts and we are so very grateful.

    Often people like to donate items which they know will be put to immediate use so, by popular demand, we’ve put together a list of items we use daily and all of which are always needed here.  All of these items will be put to immediate use and every single item on the list is invaluable to us.   We hope in due course we can provide more links to companies who are willing to offer discounts if donating to ASH which will make it easier and less expensive for you to donate.

    If you live locally you can drop off any donated supplies to our sanctuary (we like to say thanks personally) or you can always arrange to deliver donations to us at:-

    Ash Animal Rescue
    Co Wicklow

    Bags of dry puppy, dog, kitten, & cat food
    Canned Dog and Cat food
    Royal Canin Puppy & Kitten Milk Powder
    Chicken Food

    Puppy & Dog Supplies
    Dog Collars, harnesses & Leads
    Chew toys
    Dog Kongs
    Soft Toys
    Toy Balls (can be footballs, rugby, basketballs, tennis balls)

    Cat & Kitten Supplies
    Cat Toys
    Kitty Kongs
    Cat scratch posts / Climbers
    Soft Toys for the cats and kittens to snuggle

    Medical Supplies
    Frontline Plus (all sizes)
    Heartguard Plus Chewable (all sizes)
    Advantage or Advantix

    Animal Care Supplies
    Cat Litter (wood pellets or any biodegradable one)
    News Paper or Shredded Paper (except glossy magazines)
    Trash bags (large sizes & preferably heavy duty ones)
    Cloth Towels
    Puppy Pads
    Sweeping Brushes (for wet floors in particular)
    Dog or cat beds. (We have an arrangement with Kuranda dog beds who offer a 10% discount on the normal bed prices with Kuranda donating £5 to ASH. We also need replacement legs for Kuranda dog beds which can be purchased through their website –
    Puppy runs
    Grooming Sissors, Clippers, Brushes & Combs – for all types of animals (dogs, cats, donkeys, etc)
    Large Car Sponges
    Dog Coats (we have some dogs like greyhounds that need dog coats in winter)
    Animal Hard Shell Plastic Carriers
    Packets of Baby Nappy Bags (used to pick up poop by our dog walkers)
    SnuggleSafe Heat Pads for Pets or Hot water bottles for very young kittens & puppies
    Stainless Steel Food Bowls
    Pony & Donkey Outdoor Blankets – old/new
    Pony & Donkey  Halters & Lead Ropes

    Maintenance Supplies
    New Cleaning Equipment (new tea towels, brushes, mops, cloths, glass & furniture polish, washing up liquid, etc)
    Torches (large & powerful)
    New Batteries (AA, AAA, D, C, 9V)
    New Garden Hose Pipes and attachments
    Power Washers
    DIY Tools – screwdrivers, drills, hammers, pliers, screw packs, etc
    Grounds maintenance tools – shovels, forks, snow shovels, hedge clippers, garden hand tools, etc
    Garden Furniture – we would love some metal or hardwood seating benches, picnic benches and garden chairs, we will also take plastic ones
    Usable Office Stationary

    Thank you so much for your support!  Please note we ask for items to be new or in good condition as it costs us money to dispose of unusable or broken items.

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