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  • Thank you !

    Ash Animal Rescue would like to sincerely thank the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, for the continuous support and allocation of public funds to our organisation.
    We are very grateful to have received €37,000 for 2021. The received funds assist Ash Animal Rescue in its continued services for Animal Welfare in Ireland.
    Ash Animal Rescue will continue to need the support of the general public to maintain operations at an effective level and would appeal to the public to continue to give their support in any way they can when required.

    Christmas Cards are now available !

    It’s that time of year again! Our Christmas cards are now available to order.
    Cards are €4 per pack of 4 or 3 packs for €10. Please allow €2 for postage.
    To order:
    – Send an email to saying how many of each card you want.
    – Payment can be made by PayPal to
    Please bear in mind that there is limited availability in some of the designs.

    Thank you to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food !

    Ash Animal Rescue would like to sincerely thank the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,  for the continuous support and allocation of public funds to our organisation.  The received funds assist Ash Animal Rescue in its continued services for Animal Welfare in Ireland.

    Ash Animal Rescue will continue to need the support of the general public to maintain operations at an effective level and would appeal to the public to continue to give their support in any way they can when required.

    Thank you to Agriculture, Food and the Marine Department !

    Ash Animal Rescue would like to sincerely thank the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,  for the continuous support and allocation of public funds to our organisation.  The received funds assist Ash Animal Rescue in its continued services for Animal Welfare in Ireland.

    Ash Animal Rescue will continue to need the support of the general public to maintain operations at an effective level and would appeal to the public to continue to give their support in any way they can when required.

    Wallace – May 2020

    This poor labrador boy is now with us after he has been found straying. He was starving when came to us, and is covered in mange. He is microchipped but the chip is not registered. He was found in Arklow. We think that he is about 10+.

    If you might be his family, please get in touch. Even if you do this anonymously and give us some information about him. Even the name..

    We called him Wallace for now..


    About three and a half weeks ago somebody rang to ask could Remi collect their Chihuahua as she had developed a cyst on her belly and the mother had thrown her out into the garden because she couldn’t look at her anymore. Remi went and rang home to say that he was taking her straight to the vet as it didn’t look well.

    She underwent surgery that very afternoon, 2 vets operated on her for over 2 hours. Initially they weren’t sure what they were looking at. Maggie had a hernia and they found a mumified pup that had gone through the hernia and had somehow become stuck there. She was in the vets for a number of days, when she came home she just wouldn’t eat for us so the next day she went back to the vet and back onto a drip. 3 days later she came home after she had eaten some chicken and some ham in the vets.

    We asked her former owner what food she would be used to as she still had very little apetite. A bit of ham, or chicken or cheese was the reply. He also told us that it was about 6 months ago that she had pups.

    We are delighted that our little Princess is eating dog food now, of course she still likes her chicken on top. She is doing really well. One of our staff gave her a nice shampoo and removed her knots and she looks so much better.

    She is 4.5 years old and a very sweet girl and very pretty too. These are difficult times as we have now been closed for over 6 weeks, which means no re-homing, no re-homing donations and no fundraising events either. Yet our expenditure hasn’t changed much. Our vet bill is steadily growing and we would really appreciate a little help with that.

    If you wish to support our Princess you can do so in many different ways described under ‘Donate’ section.

    Our Paypal is:

    Ash Friendship Jewellery Sale

    Thank you to our lovely supporter Jean who came up with an idea to prepare Ash Friendship bracelets, necklaces, bangles and earrings.

    This is to help us looking after animals in our care.

    This is being done in a memory of a beautiful girl Cluasa who passed away 6 Sep 2018. She was 18 years old and was the gentlest lady. She was a rescue girl and very much loved by Jean and her family.

    The bracelets, necklaces, bangles and earrings can be now ordered online. We post a random pictures of them. As there is a huge variety of them, we will be chosing them randomly. So you can only select if you would love to receive a bracelet, a necklace or earrings. They are all animal theme and so lovely

    How to order the Ash Friendship range?

    1. Select which item would you like to order

    Bracelet – 2e
    Necklace – 4e
    Earrings – 6e
    Bangles – 8e

    A set of a Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings – 10e

    2. Send an email to stating:

    What is your order
    Your name and surname
    Your address

    Calculate your Postage cost as per An Post website:

    3. Pay the required amount via PayPal:

    4. Await your delivery

    Thank you so much for supporting Jane and animals under our care

    100% profits from the sale goes towards animals at Ash Animal Rescue

    Support Old sweetheart Layla

    Layla is our beloved, old girl

    She didn’t have an easy life. Found on the streets in an awful state, very neglected in the past.

    Today, she is with us and we love her dearly. She is so grateful for a warm bed and nice food.

    About 2 months ago Layla was sitting and seemed unable to get up. Her hind legs just weren’t working. After visits to different vets it became clear she was too old to have the spinal surgery needed to restore her mobility.

    We realised how limited her options are but we didn’t want to give up on our girl without a fight.

    Layla has been attending weekly hydrotherapy and acupuncture sessions for the last 2 months. We can see the results.

    This adds e75 weekly to our growing vet bill.

    We have no option but to ask for your help

    As you can imagine in rescue our funds are never sufficient and we really need your support to help get our girl. Please if you can spare anything at all consider donating to our go fund me appeal. We promise loads of updates on her progress.

    Thank you for every, even the smallest help.

    Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much !

    Sending Love and saying a big Thank you,
    Helena & Remi & Layla

    2019 Ash Animal Rescue Sponsored Dog walk in Carlow


    We are very excited to announce our Carlow Sponsored Dog Walk which will be held Sunday April the 14th 2019 in the grounds of the beautiful Oak Park Forest Park in Carlow.

    Anyone who has ever been to our walks will know they’re a fun day that’s a must for all dog lovers.

    Sponsorship forms are available to download here or a €10 registration fee can be paid on the day.

    If you don’t have a dog but would like to take part why not email us on and reserve one of our Ash dogs. They’d just love to have their very own human for the day.

    We really hope you’ll get behind this great day and we look forward to seeing you all there.

    Thank You to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food !


    Ash Animal Rescue would like to sincerely thank the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,  for the continuous support and allocation of public funds to our organisation.  The received funds assist Ash Animal Rescue in its continued services for Animal Welfare in Ireland.

    Ash Animal Rescue will continue to need the support of the general public to maintain operations at an effective level and would appeal to the public to continue to give their support in any way they can when required.


    VHI Mini Marathon 2019


    The VHI Women’s Mini Marathon takes place on Sunday 2nd June 2019.  Registration is now open and we would love to have a team participating in aid of ASH.

    We really need your support now more than ever.  If you are up for it and would like to run (or walk) and help support our animals by helping us help them simply click on the link below to register first.

    Then email with your details and we will get a mini marathon pack to you over the coming weeks.

    All the 2, 3 and 4 legged animals, staff and all our volunteers would so love to know we have a few people crossing that line for rescue!

    It means such a lot to all of us! Thanks a million.

    Emergency Rescue of 74 dogs


    On November 13th we received a call from a gentleman who was in a situation that he desperately needed help with. In his care he had 70 dogs.

    This gentleman out of the kindness in his heart, a few years ago began to take in stray, sick, dumped and unwanted dogs and did his best to care for them. Over time his numbers increased, so too did the cost of looking after them and he was no longer able to afford to get them neutered, vaccinated etc. He got to the point where he struggled to afford to feed them and  his call to us was a cry for help for the sake of his animals.

    Immediately. we began to transport the dogs from this man’s premises to ours. In total 50 dogs came to us the next day, some puppies among them, some heavily pregnant and one who has given birth to 5 puppies since she arrived. 4 elderly dogs have gone to foster with a volunteer and the next day we collected the remainder.

    We are packed to capacity.  The cost of this mammoth rescue is colossal.

    These dogs were all  treated for fleas, wormed and many  treated for mange.

    All dogs have been neutered/ spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

    We know some people won’t understand this situation but the man in question genuinely did his best for his animals.

    The mere fact he had 70 dogs is a reflection of the pressure people in rescue feel to push themselves to the limit to help animals in need.

    Gofundme link:

    Thank you for your help,
    Helena, Remi & Ash Team.

    Wicklow Sponsored Dog Walk 20th August 2017

    *** SAVE THE DATE! ***

    We are very excited to announce our Wicklow Sponsored Dog Walk will be held Sunday August the 20th in the grounds of the beautiful Avondale House.

    Anyone who has ever been to our walks will know they’re a fun day that’s a must for all dog lovers.

    Sponsorship forms are available to download here or a €10 registration fee can be paid on the day.

    If you don’t have a dog but would like to take part why not email our volunteer Noeleen on and reserve one of our ash dogs. They’d just love to have their very own human for the day.

    We really hope you’ll get behind this great day and we look forward to seeing you all there.

    ASH Wicklow Dog Walk

    Carlow Sponsored Dog Walk 2nd April 2017

    ***Save the Date***

    We’re very excited to announce that this year we will be hosting a Carlow Sponsored Dog Walk!

    The date has been set for Sunday the 2nd of April at 1:30pm in the grounds of the beautiful Oakpark forest walk. Petmania are our sponsors and we promise it will be a fantastic day!

    Entries are €10.
    Sponsorship cards can be collected from Petmania in Carlow or by emailing Helena on


    Volunteers wanted

    We’re on the lookout for an extra pair of hands or two to help us out!  It’s fantastic when we have an extra pair of hands as the dogs get longer walks and more interaction.

    We are also looking for another volunteer to help us out in general with some cleaning and getting a few jobs done. Training will be provided.

    Please take into account that ASH is very rural and isn’t accessible via public transport.

    We are looking for committed people who are willing to do this long term. If you would like to volunteer or to find out more information why not send us a pm ( and we’ll answer any of questions who might have.

    Pleeeease help … we need your newspapers!

    We are running very very low on newspapers supplies for our pups and other animals.  We would be so grateful if people could drop up any old papers (but not magazines).  If your school or employer could manage or muster up a drive to get us supplies in the next week or so it would be fantastic.  We really do rely heavily on people organising collections of newspapers and our young animals in particular benefit from them.  Anything at all you can do to help boost our dwindling supplies would be amazing.  A Sunday Times alone would cover a pup for a day (the size of it!!) Thank you so much!

    The kids – Gazelle & Gideon are looking for a home!

    Our beautiful kids are doing really well and we feel it’s about time they set off to loving homes.  Gazelle and Gideon are brother and sister who were found dumped on a road with their umbilical cord still attached!!!!!!  They’re only about three months old and we’d love to see them go to homes together where they could get attached to their new owners and you to them!   They love being together and have a very special bond.  In the sunnier days we’ve experienced lately they snuggle up together and just watch on proceedings together as one – not bothered or disturbed one little bit by any barking or other goings on.  Ideally what they need is a nice big safe space where they can wander freely, safely and together.   We want to see them go to loving homes only, they will not be used for breeding.  Goats will require a secure area with higher than average fencing.  If you think you might be in a position to offer these two lovely kids a loving home we’d love to hear from you.

    Wonder Paws Dog Training give a discount on their training courses to ASH adopted dogs!

    Did you know that Wonder Paws Puppy School & Family Dog Training give a 10% discount off their full dog or puppy training courses to any dog or puppy adopted from ASH.  

    Wonder Paws offer everything from puppy playgroups, puppy training, adult dog training, workshops, dog agility, dog grooming and lots more and full details of their courses are available by clicking on their logo above or at

    Wonder Paws are passionate advocates of force-free, positive reinforcement training and keep their class sizes small so that everyone gets lots of attention and support.  They focus on helping people create happier, healthier relationships with their dogs, from puppies to adult dogs and seniors.  Their team of dedicated dog training coaches have a combined wealth of knowledge and education and their primary focus is on educating new owners, training puppies, and training and rehabilitating shelter rescues and adult dogs.   They also love helping people have FUN with their dogs!

    Wonder Paws run their classes from Festina Lente Foundation, Old Connaught Avenue, Bray, Co Wicklow & Dogs Trust in Finglas.  All profits from their classes go to these respective charities.


    This beautiful lady came to us a few months ago and she really broke our hearts.  She was totally blind when she arrived in ASH and we just weren’t sure if she’d ever see again but we knew we had to investigate further and do our best for her.   So, we brought her to an eye specialist where she underwent surgery to have lenses fitted to both eyes.  The operation was a success on one eye where she now has perfect sight  – the other eye wasn’t as successful sadly – she does have some sight in it albeit probably a bit blurry.   We really hoped that once she had the operation our lovely little lady might come out of her shell and gain a lot more confidence.  Sadly this isn’t the case and poor wee Hope is almost as nervous as she always was which is so sad.  Hope is ready now go to a new home but we’re really looking out for a one in a million home.  Hope has a few issues as she was cruelly treated in the past and is finding it hard to show trust in people again.   An adult only home is a must where she will get plenty of love and tlc and is not expected to deal with young children.   We know we can find her that perfect home … we have to … she’s counting on us and we just can’t let her down.   Hope will require ongoing drops into her eyes but she’s very okay with this – she knows she’ll get a treat once it’s done!  Ah bless!  Hope is a beautiful lady and we know that given the chance she will learn to trust again. If you think you can give her a chance at a great life please do come and meet her and get to know her.  We’d love to introduce you.

    Our cat tower needs help!

    Our old cat tower has given our cats much amusement throughout the years.  It’s where all our feral cats go to get their grub safely up high away from all the dogs and goings on.  It’s also a regular haunt for Toby our 21 year old cat – he goes there from time to time to steal the grub of the other cats even though he’s been fed inside already!   Most amusing is the magpies that happily come along and eat alongside the cats in perfect harmony!  Anyway, the reason we’re posting our lovely tower is that to be fair is has really had its day and is on it’s last legs.  It definitely wouldnt survive another winter (or through the summer at this rate!!).  We are on the lookout for some kind person(s) that might consider building us a new cat tower and give the cats a new, safe and comfy place to hang out with their two legged friends.  If you think you can help please get in touch with us by giving us a call or emailing us on  We’d love to hear from you. Thanks guys!

    Canine Cutz Baltinglass Food & Pet Supplies Drive in aid of Ash

    The fabulous Canine Cutz who are based in Baltinglass are very kindly holding a Food & Pet Supplies Drive in aid of Ash from 3rd – 24th September 2016 so if you are getting your pet supplies, pet food or getting your dog groomed with them you can donate food or supplies to us, this can be dry food,canned food, puppy/kitten milk, wood pellet cat litter, shredded newspaper or even a toy or lead or collar, anything you think may help.

    Canine Cutz are in Market Square in Baltinglass, Co Wicklow and we really appreciate Canine Cutz kind support of ASH Animal Rescue!  Click here to go to Canine Cutz Facebook page!


    Volunteers Needed for a Lush & ASH weekend

    We’re looking for a few volunteers to join us in Lush this weekend Friday 16th Sept until Sunday 18th Sept and bring their pooch to represent ASH.

    Lush is donating all proceeds from their Charity pot sales this weekend to Ash Animal Rescue from both stores on Henry Street and Grafton Street.

    If anyone can spare an hour or two then please email to confirm when would suit you. We could really do with your help.

    Bear in mind your dog will need to be comfortable meeting people in the shop. Thanks in advance to all volunteers and thank you so much to Lush!


    Wonder Paws Doggie Village at the Enniskerry Victorian Field Day 2016

    Thanks so much to Wonder Paws for putting on such a great show at the Doggie Village in the Enniskerry Victorian Field Day where we not only got to meet many of our ex ASH doggies, their doggie pals and owners …  (Bowie/Fonzi, Rosie, Howard, Tilly & Charlie, Asha and Riley, Pappy to name but a few) … but we also met so many other dogs and their owners and got to chat with possible future dog owners when the time is right.  The view was outstanding overlooking the sea and the mountains but to us the best bit was seeing all those beautiful dogs … such a variety of breeds and all so well behaved especially with all the activities going on around them.  We were well chuffed to hear that our lovely Rosie from ASH won Best Rescue on the day …  yahoo  … here are a few pics we took on the day …

    You can read more about Wonder Paws Puppy & Dog Training & Agility School on 

    Many thanks to Burns Food & Petmania

    Many thanks to Burns pet food in conjunction with Petmania for their recent donation of dog and cat food.

    This is so much needed by us here in ash and we know the animals in our care will love it!

    Forest is out of the woods

    Recently a neighbour came to our door with this poor little man.  He had found him in a forest, all alone trapped in a snare.  (Snares are an extremely cruel method of hunting which cause animals to die long, painful deaths).   This poor boy must have been caught in the snare for days and was just about giving up on life.  Forest (as we named him) was operated on on Monday and the vet cleared away any necrotic skin, the largest wound was then stitched and the others, albeit being nasty wounds were left open to heal.  He’s still on a strong dose of antibiotics to fight any infection.  But overall, thanks to our neighbour, the vet , every single one of YOU who donated towards his vet bill and of course a whole lotta TLC he’s doing so much better and we think he really looks it too (despite the cone!)  (top pic).   Forest will require further ongoing treatment and if anyone can and would like to help contribute towards the cost of his care you can donate securely through our donate page or via paypal   Please keep Forest in your thoughts and thanks again to everyone involved in helping and supporting him!

    Your pets will star in our 2017 Calendar

    How lovely would it be to see your pet feature in our 2017 calendar? Well some lucky pets are going to be as their families donated €20 for them to be a part of our 2017 calendar.  The price included a free 2017 calendar!  Thank you so much to everyone who donated and sent in their gorgeous pet photos.  We now have a full line up so we are not accepting anymore submissions.  We can’t wait to show you our calendar when it is completed!

    A very special birthday was celebrated on our annual walk

    We’re so happy to say that our lovely boy Meeko celebrated his first ever birthday, not in the rescue centre but out and about in the lovely grounds of Avondale House with loads of his pals, surrounded by people who adore him and sporting his new birthday collar.  We can’t quite understand it but our lovely lad, who has so much to offer has somehow been overlooked and has been with us since he was 10 weeks old.   Meeko absolutely loved his day out with all the walks, love and attention he was getting.  Little did he know that a special doggie cake was being made just for him the day beforehand.  Massive thanks  Andrea Worthington for making his cake (and Ozzy for watching it bake!).  He absolutely loved it and it was shared with all his canine pals on the day too.  Meeko is such a good dog – he’s good with other dogs and even cats.  He’s just an all round nice happy chappy.  If you think you have room in your hearts and home for a dog like our Meeko,  please so come and meet him, take him for a walk and get to know him. We can think of nothing better to do than to introduce you to this lovely lad! You’ll love him!


    Recently we were contacted by Aughrim cat rescue in the hope that we might have a nursing mother who could take care of these three beautiful tiny kittens who were found abandoned in a box in Arklow.   At only a few days old their prospects of surviving without a mother were pretty slim.   Thankfully and luckily we had a very loving mummy with four kittens and she ultimately took them under her wing.   Everyone in her little family are doing really well and getting much stronger every day.

    It’s a girl!

    It’s a girl! Wa hey!!! Mammy and baby donkey are all fine!!  We are all totally in love! Late last year we took in three donkeys who were abandoned on a hillside. One male and two females.  We knew one of them was in foal but had no idea when she was due.  You can only imagine our joy the other morning when we went to feed them and discovered this little cutie.  Mammy Flicka is doing great and looking after her baby so well with the help of onlookers and animal pals.  Awwwww!



    When will this abuse of animals end??   Yet another poor lurcher lady arrived last week. “Robyn” was found straying.  This poor girl is so underweight and her body is raw from mange and fleas. Why oh why is this still happening???  How can you help change that because something is very wrong out there to allow this happen again and again??  We will do everything we can for Robyn – she’s safe now bless!



    This little whippet girl was found straying recently and thankfully a kind person found her and came to her rescue.  She is now safe with us here in ash and as you can see from the first pics she was in dreadful condition, the poor love.  She had very bad mange, was covered in cuts and sores but most worryingly was the fact her back legs aren’t as strong as they should be and seemed to click every time she moved.

    We asked our FB friends if they could think of a name for this lovely – she’s now called Mikah.   Since her visit to the vet her mange is doing much better and clearing well but unfortunately as we feared her joints aren’t what they should be.   Every time you pick her up or every time she takes a step you can hear her bones click and clack together.   The vet said she has very advanced rickets due to malnourishment and neglect from day one in her life.   Mikah is on medication now to attempt to clear up her rickets although it’s not known how well she will do.   Please keep our girl in your thoughts.  Thank you.

    Drilling is “well” underway!!

    Thanks to all you wonderful kind and generous people who donated and supported our appeal for a Well.  We are delighted to say that drilling has begun!!  Believe it or not the mains water pipe burst yet again recently so to have our very own private supply of water is just what is needed!!  We can’t thank you enough for helping us get to this point!!

    Our beloved Pugley


    We are so sorry to have to say that heartbreakingly we lost our lovely little Pugley just before Christmas!  Our wee Pugs hadn’t been in the best of health but was still always his little self and always eating.  However about the week before Christmas our little man went very much downhill, his breathing was very poor, the vet put him on double his heart medication and on steroids as well but he was eating very very little after that and then gave up eating altogether. We were so concerned and took him to the vet again who monitored him for a day or so.  Sadly, the vet was in no doubt that the kindest thing to do was to let our lovely little Pugley go.  We couldn’t see our little man suffering any longer especially as there was no chance he was going to recover enough to have a good quality of life.  Everybody in ASH is devastated … his living room pals are already at a loss and as Helena said “his little spot is empty and thats not a good feeling at all”.   We all adored our little Pugley – he was loved by everyone who met him and even had a few sponsors and even one across the water!   He may have been a tiny dog in stature but he sure was a huge personality and will be a massive loss to all in ASH!  RIP our little man!

    Thanks Burns Pet Nutrition

    Burns Pet Nutrition have have donated over 12,000 bowls of food this year to their rescue partners  Cara Rescue DogsGalway Cat Rescue and Kingdom Cat & Dog rescue and ourselves.  

    We will getting our “bowls” on Friday in the Petmania store in Carlow. It makes a real and immediate difference to our centre and we are very grateful to be part of this scheme. Thank you to everybody who bought the food and thus helped to build the 12k bowls!

    Help IS out there you know!

    This poor little munchkin was seen being dumped from a car last week.  He is only about 4 weeks old and really shouldn’t be away from his mummy yet.  Why do people still feel the need to do this – there IS help out there in rescues across the country! This little tot is safe now with us.  He had a very upset tummy the first few days and it was touch and go but we think we’re over that now and he’s doing well.  We are very concerned about his mummy and his siblings though – what happened to them ???  This guy is one of the lucky ones.  He’s growing stronger everyday and will go to only the best home when he’s old enough but so many aren’t as lucky.  We have named him Scout!

    Can you help us solve our water supply?

    Dear friends and supporters. We are desperately seeking your help.  At the moment ASH is connected to a public water supply. The last three days we have had no water. A series of burst water pipes has meant that we’re totally cut off and this isn’t the first time it has happened.  The coco workers who look after our area do everything they can to make sure we have a water supply the pipes are old and not up to the task.

    In ASH water is a crucial part of our day to day running. Close to 200 animals need water to drink. Runs have to be hosed out. Over 250 food/water bowls are washed and disinfected everyday. Blankets and bedding need to be washed. The past three days we have had to carry barrels of water from our neighbours. We have three donkeys, our lovely cob Nikki and one pony in our care, they all need water and so buckets of water have been carted there everyday. Our pigs Kevin Bacon, Percy, Sausage and Lavender are also good for around 50 to 70 litres a day.

    We are exhausted, not only from the extra work, also the worry about not having water.  We pay a flat rate water charge at the minute but unfortunately when the water meters come into action we will be hit hard. Can you imagine how high that bill will ultimately come to?  We conserve as much as we can, we recycle as much as we can but water is an absolute necessity for us and we need lots of it.

    Our only solution is to drill a well and we will forever more have our own source of water and no longer have to worry about bills etc. The well is estimated to cost between €5,500-€6,000. That’s a lot of money for a rescue which is already on its knees. We’re appealing to you to help us raise this money and make life better for all the animals in ASH.   We have set up a mycharity page and we ask you to please donate what you can, no matter how big or small. It will all make a massive difference to us and to our animals now and in the long run too.

    Thank you everyone for your support!

    PS Donations can also be made via paypal

    RIP Jan our lovely donkey

    Last week was a sad week here in ASH and we’re all finding it hard to come to terms with the loss of our dear friend Jan the donkey. Jan has been with us since October 1990 and was Eva’s (Remi and Helena’s daughter) birthday present for her 11th birthday.  When Eva moved out Jan stayed here as it wouldn’t have been kind to move him away from the field and stable he knew so well, moreover Eva works here 6 days a week so there have been very few days that he wouldn’t have exchanged hugs and cuddles with her and most of our staff and volunteers.   Jan always got his hooves attended to by the same farrier since the day he arrived and we’re sure Michael our farrier will miss him too.  Jan was always pretty full of mischief.

    Jan had a bit of a reputation and pretty much deserved his fun nickname ‘The Bum Biter’.  Poor Michael was on the receiving end of Jan’s little “joke” many times over the years – we reckon only Jan got that one. Ha! Nonetheless Jan was always a very sociable and lovely little donkey.

    Jan often welcomed many rescue donkeys and horses into his life and into his field.  All moved on to their own homes bar one horse who was his best friend and companion for so many years … our horse Nikki.  Nikki was deeply traumatised by his past and it took him so long to trust people but he did trust Jan and has been his best pal for the past 12 years.  Poor Nikki will miss him dreadfully.

    We’ll all miss him here in ASH (including his many sponsors) and we’ll always have our own fond memories of Jan.  We’ll miss seeing his head at the gate every morning and evening when it’s carrot time and of course time and a chance for a few of his bum biting antics!  Bless him!  It’s some comfort that Jan didn’t have to suffer though.  He was fit, healthy and happy to the day he died. Sleep well big man … we’ll look after Nikki for you!

    Molly joins Vienna and our other cats hoping for a new home …

    Meet Molly this beautiful lady was surrendered to ASH due to a change in circumstances. Molly is only just one year old and she’s the most gentle, friendly little cat.  Molly has lived a pampered life so far so as you can imagine we’re hoping someone can give her a loving home asap. She would be best suited to a mainly indoor home although she can go for the odd run around outside. Molly is litter trained and is totally adorable.

    Molly has now joined our many other cats and more recently little kittens all who are all crying out for a new home where they’ll be safe, happy, comfy and loved and where they can in turn share the love.  We have a few cats who have been here for some time now and they really do deserve a special chance.  Our cats page is listed A-Z by name as it gives all cats a fair chance to get their little faces out there … sadly Vienna is still holding her own at the end of the page though aww!!   Is it because she’s at the end of the page and is being missed? Its beyond us. It’s our hope that Vienna will have her very own special visitor soon – just like we hope for Molly and all the others.  Please think of our rescue cats if you are looking for a SFF (special feline friend) … they are so patient, hopeful and oh so adorable too!  Keep them in your minds and please share the word that they are holding out hope for loving homes soon … thanks everyone!


    To Hell & Back for our animals …

    Two fantastic ASH supporters are taking on an extremely tough challenge all in aid of the animals in our care.  They are taking part in the Hell and Back Apollo challenge in Wicklow!  Aggh … looks seriously tough!!!  We’d really like to thank Andrea and Ian for taking part to support our animals and wish them all the best.  If anyone would like to help our cause and theirs and assist in helping them both smile as they cross that line please donate a few euro towards through their MyCharity page HERE!  Thanks everyone!  Best of luck Andrea & Ian from Helena, Remi and all the volunteers but in particular all the 2, 3 and 4 legged animals!!


    Picchu went home …

    Our very teeny little Picchu only went and set off to his very own home yesterday!!!  Couldn’t have been better when a fantastic couple who have experience bottle feeding came and took him off to kick start a new life as cherished new little family member! We’re so happy for him – will miss this cute little face though!


    Our first little kitten of 2015

    This teeny tiny little man was found last week, he was lying in the middle of a garden with no mummy in sight. He was brought to ASH and Helena and with plenty of help from Sophie (Helenas grand daughter) has been bottle feed every three hours.  He’s such a little tot and only around 12- 14 days old but he’s such strong little thing – he cries his heart out for his bottle and play fights with his teddy already bless!  We’re all besotted with him as you can imagine, and being the first and only kitten in ASH he’s getting plenty of attention.  Wonder what we’ll call this little pudner??

    Advice for horse/equine owners

    The following advice was issued today by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council to promote good animal welfare and to assist with control measures in the event of a disease outbreak amongst horses in Ireland.

    If you have any queries on the above please contact the animal welfare helpline at call save 0761 064408 or email


    Upcoming auction – we need your help

    Next month we will hold an online auction (through our FB page) and we’re really hoping some of our lovely supporters may be able to offer us some stuff to auction.  We’re on the lookout for new or nearly new items which are in really good condition, including, pictures, paintings, jewellery, sports memorabilia, music memorabilia, vouchers – you name it.  If you can offer anything at all please get in touch with us (  We hope to organise drop off points in the next few days.

    Help needed

    One of our volunteers along with Aughrim Cat rescue will this Thursday spend a day trapping and neutering all 20 of this colony of cats in Carlow.   All 20 need to be trapped in one day and returned to their dwelling where they will be fed every day and live a happy healthy life. We really need to neuter them all to ensure no more unwanted litters before kitten season starts.

    The vet has offered an amazing discount but this only applies if we can get the money to neuter all 20 ! That’s where we need your help.  So far only €60 has been raised and the vet bill could amount to €700 – €800. If you can spare anything at all we would so appreciate it.  Please donate via paypal to so we can transfer all funds directly to the vet.

    Will keep you updated on their progress.

    Happy New Year

    It’s New Years Eve and we can’t believe 2014 is nearly over. What a year it has been ! Thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout this year.   Remi went through the paperwork today and counted a grand total of 267 dogs and 52 cats rehomed from ASH this year.   On paper they’re just figures but when we go back through the photos of each and every one of them we see their personalities, their quirky ways, the way we developed a bond with each and every one of them !! We see 319 lives saved and we couldn’t have done it without your help.  THANK YOU ALL and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS!

    Can you help?



    The past few months have been the most difficult that we have ever encountered in ASH.  At the moment we’re caring for 101 dogs along with over 60 cats.   Each and every day we get between 30-40 phone calls – each a plea for help from a concerned or upset member of the public. With each of those phone calls our hearts break.  With 101 dogs how are we supposed to help?

    Rehoming is slow and we don’t expect it to pick up prior to Christmas.  We have hit a wall and can’t see how we can fix this. We wear what feels like a noose, a vet bill that has hit a crazy €14,000 and that’s not to mention all the other bills ESB, food etc.   We’re constantly racked with guilt that we can’t help more animals that need our care.   In our minds we picture the dogs that we cannot help, cold and alone with nobody to make it better.  Saying no is one of the most difficult things we ever have to do but with so many animals and such a colossal vet bill we simply have no choice.

    We have so many great supporters and friends and we’re appealing to you to please help us through this. We have hit a point where we don’t see how we can continue to keep our doors open and how ASH can continue to be the rescue this country so badly needs.   We’re in the middle of setting up a text donate service which should be ready in the next few weeks, but for now, donations can be made securely online through our donate page if you can spare even a few euro – it all adds up, every single cent goes such a long way and would be so gratefully received.

    Thank you everyone.

    Christmas Cards 2014 and Calendar 2015


    Check out out our Christmas cards and calendar on our new page (or click on the image above) … thanks everyone

    Ricky came back for Cliff …

    We all love a happy ever after story in ASH and this is one happy ever after we felt was a “must post”.   Ricky pictured in the top pictures was adopted from ASH in February.   He was one of a litter of puppies that came to ASH badly malnourished and all sadly developed rickets. His siblings all recovered well with treatment and were perfect.  Poor Ricky however was that little bit bigger than the rest of the litter and the extra weight stopped the medication doing it’s job.  He now has two bowed front legs.

    A lot of people came and met Ricky and everyone adored him but nobody would quite commit until a one in a million family came along looking for a less adoptable dog.  Well … they fell head over heels in love with Ricky and set off home together (and soon discovered that Ricky’s crooked legs actually mean he can give the best hugs EVER)!!   The rest is a happy history … or so we thought!

    Recently Ricky’s family had a friends dog over and they realised Ricky absolutely loved having the companionship of another dog.   They came back up to ASH to find a companion for Ricky and again really wanted to give a less adoptable dog a home.

    They met a couple of dogs but the match never seemed just quite right.  Ricky’s family always said from the second they arrived that it had to be Ricky’s decision … he’d be the one to pick his buddy.   THEN … Ricky met our Cliff and instantly the two were crazy about each other.  They started playing straight away … Ricky found his match and that was that.   Cliff’s gone home with Ricky and his lovely family!!

    Cliff had been in ASH over 3 years for no reason – he’s a stunner, a lovely dog and a real beauty.  We’re so thrilled for Cliff and Ricky and we can’t thank his new family enough for giving Cliff a chance just as they did for Ricky!   It’s quite special!

    3 ladies who beg you to help STOP puppy farming …

    These three beautiful dogs came to us last week under heartbreaking circumstances.  All three came from a puppy farm!

    We thought all three are pregnant but it turns out that their disposition was probably from all the breeding they have had to endure. Two have untreated cherry eye and the third has cherry eye as well as extensive scar tissue on her eye.  She has very little sight in that eye.   These three ladies are the face of puppy farm dogs.  They lived a life of hell, breeding and rearing litter after litter.  They never saw the light of day.

    How can anyone look into their eyes and think this is okay?  If we ever have a hope of eradicating puppy farms in this country it will only happen when the public refuse to buy from them.  As long as there is demand, these people will continue to supply.

    These ladies are now safe in ASH. We’ve called them  Lee-Anne, Lorelei & Dottie.  They are very shy and won’t walk on a lead (they probably have no idea what thats for let alone getting out for a nice walk) but we’ll do our best to help them overcome their fears.

    Please keep these ladies in your hearts, minds and thoughts.  We’ll do everything we can to turn their lives around no matter what but we really could do with a little help from our friends … so if you’re in a position to donate a couple of euro towards their care we’d be so grateful.  You can do that through our donate page  Thanks so much everyone – we’ll keep you posted on their wellbeing, progress and of course any new arrivals to ASH!

    ASH 2015 Calendar


    Huge thanks to Marti from and to Gwen our long term volunteer who both pulled out all stops to make our calendar happen!  Thanks so much guys!  We’re all very grateful for everything you’ve done to make this happen and are thrilled to be able to say our 2015 Calendar is now actually on sale since its initial launch at Duckett’s Grove.  We’re all really excited about it, we love it and hope you do too.  The calendars will be available from various places across Leinster (details yet to be confirmed and will be posted below).

    This Saturday though if you’re in Dublin City you can pick up a copy from Gwen and our volunteers who will be outside H&M on Henry Street should anyone be passing by.  Calendars cost only 6 euro each or two for 10 euro.   They’ll make fab Christmas Stocking fillers for one thing and you can assure the lucky recipient that all funds went directly towards the help and support of the animals in our care!

    For anyone looking for online/postal deliveries please drop us an email at with your order.  We hope that you’ll also cover postage @ 1.65 euro per calendar or 2.00 euro for a more than one calendar (to cover our own costs so all the money will actually go towards the animals).

    Details of suppliers will follow here very soon!




    Thank you everyone …

    All of us in ASH would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our Autumn Fayre at Duckett’s Grove a great day and huge success!  We hope you all enjoyed the event as much as we did.  Together we’ve all only gone and raised a whopping €9,000 (and there’s still a big bucket of coins yet to be counted)!  This is an outstanding result – we’re beyond grateful to everyone involved.

    Yesterday could simply not have happened without our amazing volunteers who really dug deep and helped us out … not only on the lead up and behind the scenes … but also on the day itself.  It’s hard to put into words how thankful we are for your support! We’d also like to say a big thank you to Carlow County Council, Jimmy Doyle (the caretaker at Duckett’s Grove), Petmania (for sponsoring us and donating super prizes at the dog show), Wonderpaws (for sponsoring us and introducing a whole new world of fun to the dogs (and their owners) in a top notch agility course), Linda Martin (for making a the tough decisions as dog show judge), Oonagh Barrett & Bridget Harney (for hosting our Great Ducketts Bake Off and sharing with us invaluable baking tips & tricks), to Jack Sheehan, Fr Whitney and Rev’d Peter Tarleton and to the fantastic Bands who all donated their time, talents and efforts to help us raise so much (this is just to name but a few).

    However without the support, kindness and generosity from every single person and dog who turned out (from far and wide) to support our animals we’d have been lost without ya!!! So from a few of our animals like  …

    Angel, ANNIE, ARCHIE, Ash & Sandy, Billy, Brandyman, Budda, Cassius, Charlie, Cheeky, Cheeno, Ciara, Cinnamon, Cliff, Cookie, CYNTHIA, Dante, DARLING, DAVE, Dino, Eden, Ella, EMERY & TILLY, FIGARO, Flash, Fonzi, GEISHA, George, Gina, Harley, Hobo, Hope, Hughie, Izzy, Jackson, Jake & Gigsy, JAN, Jax, JOHN’S FRIEND, JULES, Kipper, KYLA, LADY, Lana, LEXI, LILIAN, Lola, Lucy, Lydia, Manwell, Martha & Guinness, Max, Mimi, MIMI, Nemo, Nikki, Newton, Ollie, PARROT, PEPPA & PIPER, Peter, Phoebe, PLAYFUL & SQUIRREL, Prancer, Pugley, Rocky,  ROMEO, Sadie, Sebastian, Shakespeare, Sophie, Springbok, Stanley, Steve, Teddy, THELMA & LOUIE, Tiffany, Tilly & Charlie, TOBY, TRINNY, Twinkle, Tyson, VALENTINA, VIENNA, WHISKERS, Willis, Ziggy and so many others … 


    We’ll be posting all the pics here very soon – watch this space!  (Some are already on our FB page if you’d like to pop in and have a look)  

    Star in our 2015 ASH calendar …


    Don’t miss out! For only €25 have your pet star in our 2015 calendar with FREE calendar included.  This could be an ideal Christmas present for someone you love … surprise them with a 2015 calendar featuring a pic of their very own beloved pet.   Every cent raised will hugely help contribute towards the cost of printing the calendar and ultimately all monies raised will help us continue to support so many less fortunate animals in our care and community.  The closing date for entries is 31st August 2014.

    You can secure your place now by donating through this link – then simply email your picture to

    We are also offering the opportunity for businesses to sponsor a month for €100.  This is a wonderful opportunity to promote your business and help us help all the animals in our care.  You can email for more details.

    Can’t wait to see all the pics …. in the meantime get yer cameras out and get snappin’ everyone!


    ASH’s new arrivals – Congrats Ciara!

    Our Ciara has given birth to no less than SEVEN pups yesterday, 4 boys and 3 girls.  Congratulations Ciara.  Her pups are mainly black and we believe the pups may be crossed with a Labrador but can’t say for sure just yet.  They are only a day old now so let’s give mum and pups a chance to bond and nature take its course.  7 little adorable pupsters will be looking for new homes soon … so if you are thinking of an addition to your family … just sayin’ … !



    This beautiful, gentle creature came to ASH recently and we can’t begin to describe how emaciated and neglected she is.  We’ve called her Violet.  Violet was found straying in Hacketstown.  We see so many skinny dogs arriving in ASH but this one takes the biscuit. If only she could when she came in … when she came to us she was extremely dehydrated and struggled to improve and just couldn’t keep any food down.  She really is skin and bone. She’s an elderly girl and weighs in at only 10.5kg, a healthy lurcher should be double that.  She has no muscle tone whatsoever!  Remi brought her to the vet straight away as her condition wasn’t improving when she arrived.

    A week on our lovely lurcher girl is coming along well. She’s started to eat and drink by herself now and is such a gentle soul. One thing for sure is that she loves [gentle] cuddles, loves to be carried around and snuggled.  We can’t really imagine what this girl has been through yet she’s still so loving.  We discovered that Violet has diabetes and will be on two injections of insulin a day for the rest of her life.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the kind lady that brought her to us. She really wouldn’t have survived very much longer had you not saved her.

    All of our volunteers this weekend were shocked and horrified to see the actual extent of her neglect (the pics don’t quite show the reality).  There honestly is nothing to our Violet but skin and bones.  Despite it all she’s a happy (and quite petite) lady and we’ll make sure she continues to thrive and we’ll keep you posted on her progress.  Please keep her in your thoughts.

    RIP Sherman big fella …

    Yesterday was a sad day in ASH as we had to say farewell to one of our long term residents and our friend – Sherman.

    Remi was feeding Sherman on Sunday when he noticed a swelling on his back leg.  We brought him to our vets on Monday morning where our worst fears were confirmed and Sherman was diagnosed with advanced cancer and sadly nothing could be done to save our big fella.

    Sherman came to ASH a number of years ago. He was an extremely thin and traumatised dog. He clearly hadn’t the best start in life. When he first arrived we decided to put him in a large crate in the office where it was nice and warm and we hoped the company would do him good. He seemed okay and happy enough to be there but the next morning we realized that this clearly wasn’t the case.  We found his crate destroyed, the computer and everything else that was on the desk was pushed aside or on the floor. The worst nightmare though was that he had actually jumped through the window, taking the glass, the wood and everything else out as well. We immediately informed all our neighbours and after 3 days we got the call we had been waiting for and he had been found. Remi once more set out and brought him home.

    Poor Sherman never quite fully recovered. We had so hoped this traumatised boy could be helped and that eventually in time he’d be in a place where he could start to look for a loving home to call his own.  Despite all our efforts, sadly that was never to be and Sherman spent his remaining days in ASH.  We had a special run built for him to give him as much comfort as possible, knowing he’d never be willing to live inside with us – Shermans run was sponsored by a very kind lady just for Sherman!

    With time however Sherman was happy to see the regular volunteers in ASH and would even give Remi cuddles but with anyone he didn’t know he reverted back to a shaking petrified dog which was always so very sad to see.  Our poor boy never really had a chance in life.  His fear was so deep rooted that we can only begin to imagine how cruelly he was treated before he arrived in ASH. We have few words to spare on the people who do this to innocent animals.   If only these people realised the effects of their despicable behaviour and obvious cruelty!

    We can’t really express our feelings properly on Sherman’s passing.  We’re so sad to see him go and we will miss him in ASH and yet at the same time we’re just so angry that he had no chance in life.   We did all we could possibly do for our boy but had he not been treated so badly in the past he could lived all dogs ultimate dream.

    Sherman will no longer suffer or have any fears.  There’s some solace knowing he knew nothing but kindness in his final years. To everyone who sponsored Sherman throughout the years and thought about him just as much as we did – thank you so very much!

    Rest in Peace Sherman we’ll miss you big man!

    Steves Wheels …


    Many of you who have visited ASH will probably have met Steve, our most adorable 3 legged lurcher.   Steve was found straying in 2009 in Carlow. He was knocked down by a car and underwent surgery to repair two fractured legs.  He was doing great for a good while but then problems arose with one of his legs and we were faced with the absolutely awful decision to amputate his leg.  It was such a tough decision at that time.  We’ve gotta say Steve was such a trooper and his loss didn’t seem to affect him one little bit waking up with just three legs.  He adapted so quickly and took it all in his stride.  Steve had been doing great ever since!  However for the past few weeks we noticed that poor Steve has been struggling to get about – his front legs just can’t take the pressure of the extra weight of his back legs.

    Being a lurcher Steve is thankfully quite happy lazing around most of the day but he does enjoy being out with his pals from the living room and to see or even think that he was was struggling was of great concern to us.  After some research we decided we had to get Steve his very own wheels to help him get around.  This was a first for us.

    His “wheels” arrived this week and as you can imagine we were all really excited to get them rolling.

    Remi set to work and got it together piece by piece.  We finally got there.

    This is Day 1’s pic … we reckon Steve’s definitely smiling but as of yet he’s probably a little unsure of what it is he has to join him on walks.  Of course it’s early days but we’ve no doubt he’ll get there and we’ll keep you updated on his progress!

    If you have a dog “on wheels” and have any stories, tips or advice to share we’d love to hear them.  You could send them to

    Please wish our Steve well and keep him in your thoughts!


    An update on Hope

    We’ve been meaning to post an update on little Hope for a while but other “immediates” kept getting in the way.  Sorry about that. For those of you who don’t know Hope, she came to ASH a few months ago.  She was totally blind when she arrived in ASH and we weren’t sure if she’d ever see again but we knew we had to investigate further and do our best for her.   So, we brought her to an eye specialist where she underwent surgery to have lenses fitted to both eyes.  The operation was a success on one eye where she now has perfect sight  – the other eye wasn’t as successful sadly – she does have some sight in it albeit probably a bit blurry.   We had really hoped that once she had the operation Hope would come out of her shell and develop into a more confident little lady.  Sadly this isn’t the case and poor Hope is still just as nervous as she always was which is heartbreaking.

    Hope can now go to a new home but we’re really looking out for a one in a million home.  Hope has a few issues as she was cruelly treated in the past and is finding it hard to show trust in people again.   An adult only home is a must where she will get plenty of love and tlc and is not expected to deal with young children.   We know we can find her that perfect home … we just know we can … she’s counting on us and we can’t let her down.   Hope will require ongoing drops into her eyes but she’s okay with this – she knows she’ll get a treat once it’s done!  Ah bless!  Hope is a beautiful lady and we know that given the chance she will learn to trust again. If you think you can give her a chance in life why not come meet her, take her for a walk and get to know her for yourself.

    An update on Remi (the kitten!)

    Just look at this little dote in his new home!!  This little fella was one of three kittens recently found in a plastic bag tied and hung on the gate to someones house (see his story below).  Sadly his 2 siblings didn’t make it.   Now called Remi he set off to his new home and is already adored by his lovely new family who very kindly got in touch with us with this pic.  Purrrfect!


    Meet Dawn. This very sweet lady was found straying last week. She is suffering from extremely bad mange and her poor little face is covered in scars.   Dawn is a greyhound, most likely used for racing and when no longer wanted, carelessly discarded of.   Why any dog should have to suffer like this is completely outrageous.  She is such an adorable girl. She just wants to be loved. Dawn will be available for adoption once we get her back to the fit and healthy little lady she should be.

    Dumped …

    These three beautiful puppies were yet another litter carelessly dumped. They were found in a bag in Carlow town last week by a kind man who contacted a vet for help. They’re all exhausted after their ordeal and are missing their mummy, but they’re safe and warm now which is the main thing.  We really wonder will this ridiculous, unnecessary disposal of animals ever end. There is so many rescues all over this country, a simple phone call would have avoided their suffering. There really is no excuse for dumping animals.

    Tom’s news …



    About two weeks ago we posted this little puds story (below).  He was found straying in Newbridge and was brought to ASH by some kind people.  He was in such a bad way we were convinced he’d lose the sight in one eye but with a lot of TLC, medication and around the clock care we are thrilled to say his sight is intact.  He’s now called Tom and has come on in leaps and bounds.  He’s currently “rooming” with two fellow kittens and it’s hard to believe he’s one and the same as the little lad who arrived in ASH such a short time ago.   We’re thrilled with his progress.  We’re all now hoping each day that this could be the day when his little dreams might come true. The day when that special “someone” knocks on our door and asks to meet Tom with a view to taking him home to be loved, cared for and cuddled forever and a day!!  That would be just purrrfect!

    Poppy has gone home!

    Yesterday our little Poppy set off to her new home!  It’s a fresh start for this little lady and we couldn’t be happier for her.  Here she is with her new brother – How cute do they look together?? We couldn’t have asked for a better home for Poppy and we’re so very grateful to her new owner for giving her a chance at a better life. Be happy little girl you’ll know nothing but love from here on in.

    Megans Rainbow loom braclets


    Megan (see here with Helena) has been hard at work making Rainbow loom bracelets all in aid of ASH.  We are so impressed, proud and very grateful for all the work she has put in to her venture.  The other day Megan presented us with an amazing €110.  Fantastic stuff! Thanks so much for your support Megan, it means a lot to all of us.  If anyone would like to check out Megans FB page for loads of variety or even place an order please do pop in and see what they are all about HERE


    Poppy update

    Poppy is home and doing really well. They operated and removed the two lumps and also spayed her.   They are definite that both lumps were cancerous but are very confident that it hadn’t spread anywhere. She is glad to be back home now and is relaxing.
    We’re all so relieved that all went well. She will be off to her lovely new home once she has healed.  Thank you all for your kind words and support for Poppy.    

    Against the odds … teeny little fighters

    These two teeny little kittens were found in a plastic bag tied to the gate at the entrance to someones home!!   The owner of the house had seen the bag in the morning and thought nothing of it at the time.  It was only when she returned again that evening and went to remove what she expected to be an empty plastic bag that she was absolutely horrified to discover that this was a plastic bag holding 3 tiny little kittens.  These kittens were cruelly and heartlessly dumped there and they remained trapped there all day in the plastic bag (on a very warm Saturday).  It’s a miracle any of them survived.  **SAD UPDATE**  Not long after this was posted we’ve just heard that the little kitten in the background didn’t make it.  Poor pud!  ASH took her too the vet and he found a large open tumor in her mouth which was inoperable and advised to let her go …  This is heartbreaking enough to post so can’t imagine how Helena and Remi are feeling right now!   Please hold out all hope for the black and white kitten. We’re spoon feeding him round the clock, and we’re really hoping he will pull through.   Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

    This cruel, needless and inhumane act doesn’t stop there for us this week.  The poor little kitten was found straying yesterday, and was brought to ASH by a very kind couple.  She’s so sick the poor little girl.  Cat flu can be rampant among cats and it’s not uncommon for kittens to come in with it.   This is an infection that can easily be avoided with a simple vaccination.  This poor kitten is so bad that sadly we feel it’s very likely she has already lost the sight in one eye. We’ll do all we can to help her now she’s here.

    None of these little kittens asked to be born.  We would please please please ask that any cat owners out there that haven’t already neutered or spayed their cats would make it their mission to book an appointment with your vet tomorrow!   Please?


    Lovely little Poppy came to us last week after she was found straying and some kind people took her in and brought her to the safety of ASH. Poppy is 6-7 years old and she was in really bad condition when she came in.  Her coat was very badly matted – we really couldn’t see very much of her other than her matted hair.  Yesterday after one of our volunteers came up and relieved Poppy of all that hair we got to know a little more about this beautiful lady.  Poppy looks like she may have been breeding most of her life leading us to also believe that she could well have been dumped, poor little love.  Sadly though on further examination we came across a growth on her belly.  Mammary cancer is common among unneutered females and we’re just so upset to have found that lump. Its heartbreaking! Poppy is such a sweet and gentle girl and really doesn’t have an ounce of bad in her little body.  Poppy will visit the vet this week and we’re all just holding out for some good news.  Please please keep our lovely gentle little lady in your thoughts and prayers.  We’ll keep you posted.


    An update on Hope

    Little Hope went back to the vet for a check up last Friday afternoon where the vet checked out her eyes and also got a chance to fill us in how things went.  The plan with Hope’s operation was to replace the natural lenses in her eyes with artificial ones which would restore her sight to what it used to be.   In her right eye the operation went according to plan and the vet was able to fit the lens and Hope has full sight in this eye.

    In her left eye however once he had begun operating he soon saw that the sack into which the lens is fitted was completely dry which meant he couldn’t fit the lens. This wasn’t the outcome we had hoped for but he did however manage to restore some sight in this eye.  So the overall outcome is Hope has perfect eyesight in one eye and blurred vision in the other.  We were a little upset at first as naturally we had hoped she would have perfect eyesight.  Then we realised that this poor girl had no sight whatsoever before this and this is an amazing gift that she has been given.

    She is now a little nervous at seeing things again and can growl when anything comes near her unexpectedly. It must be quite scary for her to see for the first time to be fair.  She must have no idea what is going on!  Plus she has a cone on her head which gives her limited visibility as it is!

    However now that Hope can see again we really want to thank each and every one of you for donating and helping change Hope’s life forever!  We know that once she’s fully healed and adjusted to seeing once again she will be a happy little dog and we’ll make doubly sure she gets the loving home she truly deserves.   More updates to follow because we know she has so many supportive and kind people out there looking out for her!

    Urgent Appeal: Please help us help Hope see again ..

    Just over a week ago Hope came to ASH after she was found straying. It was immediately apparent that Hope was blind, we didn’t think there was much chance her eye sight could be saved but we had to try….

    Yesterday Hope visited an eye specialist where a series of tests were carried out on her eyes. The vet believes she is only four years old and on first looking at her he didn’t hold out much hope for her eyes. However on doing the tests he saw that her eyes are responding to light which means there is a 95% chance her eyesight can be restored.   We were as you can imagine excited about this news until we realised the cost involved, the vet has been amazing and we are getting a substantial discount on the overall cost but eye surgery is a very expensive part of veterinary care and it still comes to a grand total of €2,200.  This is money we don’t have….

    If Hope’s eyesight is to be repaired she needs this operation now before any further damage is done. By next week it may be too late. We have agreed to go ahead with the operation as we believe Hope deserves the chance to see again. As it stands she isn’t content in herself and we really want her to be a happy dog…. She is booked in to be operated on Thursday and we are now at a point that we have no idea how we will pay for this operation.   We are really pleading for help at this stage, if you can help at all towards her care we would be eternally grateful.

    We can only speak for Hope but this would be a life changing operation for her…. Please give whatever you can to help our little girl, donations can be made here on our donate page …

    Thank you so much.  We will keep you updated on her progress right here as soon as as have news.

    3 donkeys found

    3 male donkeys were found straying (or may have been dumped) in an area close enough to us here in ASH. Please call Helena in ASH directly for details. You can call her here at the sanctuary on 059 647 3396. We are on the lookout for foster homes so if anyone can help please please do get in touch and make that call to Helena! Thanks a mil everyone!


    We were all heartbroken as we had to say goodbye to our dear friend Amelie. Her health was failing and we made the kind decision to have her put to sleep.  Amelie came to ASH in September last year. She came along with two male dogs who were found straying, all three were in horrific condition… Amelie was the weakest of the bunch, she could barely lift her head and had to be carried outside for the first few days. She was in heat and most likely spent the entire time she was straying trying to fight off the two males.

    We didn’t think she’d ever get better but she did, within days she got a lot brighter and we were all thrilled. Then came another blow, Amelie had mammary cancer which was much too advanced to operate. If only she had been spayed she would never have got it. The decision was made to make her comfortable and let her live out her days in peace. That’s exactly what she did and we don’t regret a second of it.

    Amelie spent her days cuddled up on a warm bed, and surrounded by all of us who adored her. She loved going for a walk with her good friend Angel, she’d hop around like a puppy and once outside she’d let you know which way she wanted to go, it was never your decision! She wasn’t happy after her walks unless she got a treat and then she’d happily go back asleep once again.  In her short time here Amelie became a big part of ASH and we all adored her. We had so hoped we’d have more time with her but it was not to be. We’re grateful Amelie got to understand what love and care felt like.  RIP Amelie, we’ll miss you pretty lady xx

    3 male donkeys … straying/dumped?

    3 male donkeys were found straying (or may have been dumped) in an area close enough to us here in ASH. Please call Helena in ASH directly for details. You can call her at the sanctuary on 059 647 3396. We are on the lookout for foster homes so if anyone can help please please do get in touch and make that call to Helena and let’s try to help these donkeys!

    Sam & Wookie

    Remember Sam & Wookie?  They came to ASH this year and were on the lookout for a loving home they could call their very own – together!  These adorable bezzies were always meant to be together and we’re so thrilled to say that this lovely duo’s dreams did actually come true and not very long after they came to ASH.  That’s all thanks and down to the amazing family who came through for both of them!!!  It was hard not to well up seeing the pics of them having so much fun in their new home when their new family got in touch with us!  We are so thankful to their family for sending us these pics and giving us a little insight as to how they are settling in.  Clearly they are now living the life we all hope for … for all our animals!  They love and enjoy their daily walk around Sallins, walking down along the canal and playing in the garden (Sam loves his football whereas Wookie wants to do nothing only play fetch with tennis balls, kong balls, sticks or anything really – each one to their own eh!).  They had a visit to the vet a couple of weeks ago and got vaccinated and microchipped and were so well behaved in comparison to the other dogs … their family were well impressed with them!  Go Wookie & Sam!!!  At the end of their day Wookie and Sam always get their time to relax together in front of the fire … honestly it doesn’t get much better than this for any dog!!  We always love seeing and hearing how our ex-pats are getting on.  It gives us such a great boost and seeing these pics really did make Helena & Remi, our staff and volunteers smile from ear to ear.  We hope by sharing their story it will also make our friends and supporters smile too.  (BTW Wookie and Sams smiles are a given)

    Princess, Solo, Flora, Cubby & Delilah’s TV debut …

    This week we went to Ireland AM along with our dedicated volunteers Paul, Gwen and Noeleen and of course our lovely dogs Princess, Solo, Flora, Cubby and the lovely Delilah. They were all as good as gold, and the lovely Flora even went and got herself booked today to a lovely family as a result!  Have a look at how they got on…


    will it ever end …

    These two beautiful puppies were dumped in Carlow town yesterday. They are lurcher puppies and they are only around 8 weeks old. These little lovelies couldn’t have possibly escaped or got there by themselves they are only tiny after all.  They both need to put on a little weight and one of them is missing a toe nail, most likely that he caught it in something which must have been so painful for him. Despite their awful start in life they both remain soooo sweet and already the amazing temperament of lurchers is shining through.

    This is the fifth litter of dumped puppies that we have taken from Carlow in recent months.  We wonder will the message to neuter/spay EVER get through to some people?? Dumping puppies definitely isn’t the answer – it’s beyond cruel and completely inhumane.  The best we can do is continually bark that message until people hear it and complain about all the barking!!!   At least then we’ll know we were heard eh!

    Thankfully these puppies were found by a kind lady who brought them to safety.  It could have been so much different for these little cuties.  Both will be available for rehoming once they’ve put on some weight and received their all very important vaccinations.  For now though, they are content, eating plenty and sleeping the day away just like lurchers like to do.


    Last week was a tough one …


    Through our doors came two extremely emaciated dogs. We have often encountered cruelty cases but no dogs should ever go this hungry and be left in this state.

    Ziggy (left pics) the B&W lurcher was found straying in Carlow. He was absolutely filthy and has scars all over his body.  One scar on his belly is so big we wonder how he ever survived the injury.  He was riddled with fleas and the water ran red from the flea dirt when we washed this poor boy.  Just look at his lovely face … how on earth could this be allowed happen?

    Bagel the beautiful brown and white pointer also came in to ASH.  Bagel is actually half the size he should be.  He has no muscle tone, all of his ribs are visible, his backbone juts out and he has such a withdrawn look to him.   Poor boy.  Bagel was covered in pressure sores most likely from lying on concrete with no blanket or anything soft to lie on.  He had a cut on the tip of his tail which was still bleeding when he arrived.  To see both of them in this condition is completely and utterly heartbreaking!

    We suspect that both Ziggy and Bagel were probably bred and used for hunting and then “simple as that” were no longer wanted.  If only we could get through to people that no dog should ever be used in this way for such pathetic so called “sports” (with a very small “s”).

    Both Ziggy and Bagel slept well in their first night at ASH thankfully.  They were probably breathing a sigh of relief to have a full belly, a little warmth and a comfy n’ safe place to sleep.  Both are such gorgeous dogs despite their past and once they’re nursed back to full health and assessed we’ll set about finding them the loving home they so deserve.  ** RECENT UPDATE … BAGEL HAS GONE TO HIS NEW HOME**

    Ziggy has had his big TV debut which you can watch HERE

    Love is in the air in ASH …

    It has been a while but Willis has found his new soulmate in a Newfoundland lady called Lucy who arrived in ASH a few months ago.  Lucy is the spittin’ image of Willis (except Willis is greying a little – no grey hairs on our Lucy yet) and she’s also a Newfoundland stunner!

    Willis and Lucy have become the perfect match together and Lucy really has put an extra little pep in Willis’ step ever since she arrived in ASH.   We reckon our Willis is actually in love!!  Bless!  Lucy has most definitely already become part of the ASH family.  They are both so happy together in ASH keeping watch and greeting everyone at the front door of the cottage.  Lucy is younger than Willis by a few years and she has clearly given him a whole new lease of life … we reckon she’s also quite a little smitten by our very own ASH hunk!  Who wouldn’t want a huge big cuddly boy like our Willis watching out for you?? Ahh yes, life is good for this pair.  Willis & Lucy can’t and don’t know about buying each other presents … all they hope for is a hug, a cuddle and a little recognition to make each others day (every day)!  Awwwwww!  Happy Valentines guys!


    RIP our Saoirse

    This week we said goodbye to a dear friend of ours, Saoirse. Many visitors to ASH will know Saoirse. She was a simply beautiful white german shepherd, extremely striking and in so many ways an amazing dog.

    Saoirse came to ASH in 2009, when she was seven and a half years old, she was surrendered along with her puppies as her owners were emigrating. Her puppies were all rehomed and we had hoped the same for Saoirse but it wasn’t to be. Saoirse spent the rest of her days in ASH and became very much a part of ASH. We even named one of the kennel buildings after her. The ‘Saoirse House’.
    Saoirse played a big part in ASH and was a firm favourite among many of the volunteers. She was always full of life and character, and everyone that saw her always asked about her, simply because she was such an amazing looking dog. She was in many ways a people orientated dog. She wasn’t so keen on other dogs or cats for that matter but just loved to interact with people and to get out for a stroll with you.

    In recent weeks Saoirse’s health began to fail. Her legs were getting weaker yet her mind still told her she was young and she was becoming very distressed. Yesterday we made the very hard decision to have her put to sleep. Our vet came to visit and he agreed there was no more that could be done for her and the kindest thing was to let her go.

    We are all heartbroken having lost our beautiful lady and it’s still very raw but know we did everything we possibly could to make her happy. She’ll always be remembered in ASH and no doubt the many funny times she gave us will be recalled for years to come.

    A little smile came today though through our Facebook page when for the first time we saw and heard how one of Saoirse’s pups (now called “Link”) was living the dream! Thank you so much much for sharing that with us!

    Rest in peace Saoirse you’ll be sadly missed.

    Droopy: an update

    ** LATEST UPDATE ** 

    Since we last posted, Droopy has had a visit from a pet physio and his x-rays have been further examined.  Our vet is certain that Droopy was born with this problem. His tail curls up around and is in effect a continuation of his spine. This really wasn’t the news we were hoping for as we had hoped that we could remove his tail to take the pressure off his spine. Now we know that Droopy would be completely paralysed if he had the operation.   Emma Moran a veterinary physiotherapist called to see Droopy and she was quite hopeful that she can help him out. For now Droopy has been given some physio to practice to help improve his condition. We don’t believe he’s in any pain and he is a very happy fella. Emma has kindly offered to continue working with Droopy in his new home if he is rehomed within the Dublin/ Wicklow area.  We have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received both from Emma and the very kind Caroline Lindsay in England who has been a great help throughout.   Take a look at the lovely fella out and about for a walk through our FB link HERE.



    Droopy visited the vet today and had X-Rays.  The news wasn’t great sadly – Droopy has two vertebrae in his back which have fused. This would explain his problem while walking etc.  The vet couldn’t say whether it was a birth defect or if it was the result of an old injury. We’re not too sure where to go from here, we knew in our heart there would be no easy solution but are just so upset for him.  We are determined not to give up on Droopy yet. We’re liaising with specialists in this field and are looking into starting hydrotherapy to try improve his condition. We’ll make sure Droopy gets all the help he needs. For now he’s glad to be back home and is snuggled up, safe and content. We’ll keep you updated on this lovely fella but in the meantime please keep him in your thoughts.  We will!




    Meet Droopy. Droopy came to us last week from a pound. His time was running out and thankfully he was brought to the safety of ASH. Droopy is a bassett, he is about 4 years old and at first glance Droopy looks like any normal bassett.  However it was only when we got him here we realised all was not quite right. Droopy has a severe disability to his rear end and we have no idea what caused it or whether it can be fixed. His tail is tightly stuck against his back so much so he cannot move it at all and his back legs don’t function properly.

    Droopy takes his time when going for a walk and struggles a lot when moving around. We are currently trying to get some background information on Droopy to figure out what exactly happened to this fella. He will be going for a thorough examination at the vet to see if anything can be done to help him.  Droopy despite it all is an amazing fella. We gave him a much needed good wash and groom on Sunday and he stood happily through it all. He’s very sweet and loving.

    For now keep him in your thoughts and we’ll update you on his progress as soon as we know more.

    Little Solo …

    Little Solo arrived into ASH just before Christmas. He was found straying in Carlow and had clearly been straying for a few days.  The poor boy had really been through the mill.  Initially we thought he had a simple break to his front leg however after a visit to our vet we soon learned it wasn’t quite that straight forward.  Solo had a very bad break right on his shoulder. This makes it so difficult to heal and Solo wasn’t allowed put any weight onto the leg at all.

    The vet was hopeful but none of us were sure if his front leg could have been saved.  It was a waiting game and all the while Solo was a great patient and never complained at all.  As a result of where the break was we had had to get him specialist veterinary care which led to quite a substantial vet bill.

    After three weeks of crate rest we took him back to the vets this week.  Solo got AMAZING news … his leg is on the way to healing and the lovely Solo can even now get out for short walks which he absolutely loves!  He still has a bit to go and we still need to keep him confined but he is doing much better than we had ever could possibly have hoped for and his future is very bright indeed!

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated towards his care and veterinary expenses so far.  If anyone is in a position to and would like to donate towards his bills we’d be so grateful for every single donation.  You can donate securely  HERE. Every small donation will make a massive difference and help us continue to help Solo and all the other animals who continue to rely on a little help from our friends.  Thanks so much everyone.

    Foster home needed

    We are looking for a foster home for these beautiful dogs. Their owner has recently passed away and they urgently need somewhere safe. The Weimaraner is called Wookie and she is 8 years old while the other dog is Sam is male and is 12 years old. They are both very placid and loving. They have never been around children so a foster home without young kids would be ideal. If you think you can help at all please send Helena an email at  Thank you so much!

    A few special visitors …

    Yesterday we were delighted when three beautiful ex ASH dogs came to visit. April pictured left came into ASH late last year along with a beautiful litter of puppies called the Taylor puppies. She now lives in England and has an amazing life, she goes for regular rides in the side car of her owners motorbike which has been specially modified for her (tee hee – love it!).  She really is living the dream.   Little Honey (middle) came into ASH a few months ago, she broke everyone’s heart when we posted her picture and as you can imagine we had loads of calls and emails from people offering her a home.   However we knew she needed the company of other dogs to help her come out of her shell and who better than little Penny (right) who is also an ex ASH dog.  Honey recently turned up to help us fundraising on Grafton Street to raise vital funds for all her pals back in ASH!!

    All three dogs spent Christmas together this year and loved each others company!   Thank you so much to their families for bringing them to visit us.   What a special treat to see them all again and to hear just how well they are all getting on!   They are all a credit to you!

    Huge thank you to Carlow Youth Services and the kids!

    Santa came early this week in ASH when the amazing kids of Carlow Youth Services got together and did their very own shoebox appeal all in aid of ASH. The kids have been working so hard over the last few weeks putting together these beautiful presents so that the dogs in our care won’t be left without a Christmas present this year.

    We are really touched by your generosity and want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you. We know our dogs will be thrilled to have a present of their own this Christmas.

    We’d also like to say a big and very special thank you to the crew at Carlow Youth Services who do such amazing work.   From our side of things it’s just so very rewarding seeing kids putting in such fantastic work and effort for so many less fortunate animals in the community!!!  Thanks guys!  Brilliant!

    We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to visiting you in Carlow in the New Year.

    Our latest little patient – Chloe

    Please meet our very special little patient.  Last week on our Facebook page we posted an appeal for help in paying the vet bill for this little lady.  Chloe was brought into us with two fractures to her leg. The job to fix her leg wasn’t easy as the break was right on the bend of her back leg and the ligaments in her leg were destroyed.  On top of this the vet believed her leg must have been broken for as long as two months which made the whole operation even more difficult. Thankfully the surgery went well and Chloe is now able to use her leg quite well, before she used to just drag it behind her.

    Since her surgery Chloe has managed to pull out her stitches (despite being confined to a crate for rest and wearing a cone)!   Our vet bill for Chloe alone has now hit a whopping €800 as she needed x-rays, the surgery with specialist equipment and then a further two vet visits to stitch the wound back up again.

    Despite all of his Chloe is an absolutely amazing little girl and once she is on the mend her and her brother will be on the lookout for a new home.  Chloe  absolutely craves love and will sit there staring lovingly at you for ages – bless her (visa versa for sure!!)

    All of us here in ASH would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to her care so far, we have been touched by your generosity. If you are in a position to make a small donation towards her vet bills and her care here in ASH please do make that click and visit our donations page HERE: It doesn’t matter how small the donation is – you can be absolutely sure it will make a huge difference!!

    PS: We’d also like to say a big thanks to Catherine and her little dog Mia who bought four beautiful beds and a little teddy to go with each bed!  That was so lovely!! Chloe has secured this bed that’s for sure – the second we showed her there was little to no hope of her getting off it!  She slept contently in her new bed with her new little teddy by her side – perfect!!

    Christmas Cards and 2014 Calendar

    We have a fantastic new range of Christmas cards available to order NOW!  A pack of 4 cards costs just €4.00 (please add €1.10 p&p).  3 packs of 4 cost just €10.00 (please add €2.00 p&p). 

    Every single cent goes directly back into our sanctuary and caring for our animals welfare and ongoing daily needs.  Massive thank you to Aisli Madden from DesignBos who yet again this year donated her time, talent and unquestionable patience towards delivering such top quality cards for us again this year.  Thanks so much Aisli we’re so grateful for all the work you put in!

    This year we also have a wonderful calendar sponsored by Petmania featuring ASH and other rescue animals. The calendar costs just €8.00 and would be a welcome feature in any household, especially animal loving households!  If you’re looking to order 3 packs of Christmas cards we’ll include a calendar too – for just €15.00 (please include 2.50 p&p)!!

    How to order

    If you’d like to send us a cheque for your order please make it payable to ASH Animal Rescue and include a completed order form (download HERE).    Alternatively you can donate online HERE and send your order to  (If you are happy with a mixed bag of cards there’s no need to worry about completing the full form but we will need your name and address and the number of card packs and/or calendars and if you’d like to avail of the calendar/cards special offer)

    Please don’t forget to include the cost of postage and packaging as these costs really mount up for us


    Spare some thought for your animals on Halloween …


    Halloween is an exciting and fun time of year for kids and many adults too.  We should also remember that for the majority of our animals this time of year can be quite traumatic and stressful. So please paws for thought and let’s make this Halloween a safe and secure one for all.  Bear in mind the simple things, walk your dog early on Halloween (and on the lead up – its not all about one night for some) and make sure they are kept on a leash (to expect the unexpected loud bang).  PLEASE take all animals inside on Halloween night!  We’ve put together some points to consider for your animals which you can read HERE.   We hope all our friends, volunteers and supporters (and their pets) have a happy and safe Halloween 2013.

    So sorry but we’re closed on Sunday 13th October …

    This Sunday the 13th we will be closed to the public due to an annual car rally which means all the roads around us will be closed and so will ASH unfortunately.  We’d also ask anyone planning on making the trip to ASH this Saturday to please take care on the roads. Those participating in the rally may be practicing on the roads which will mean they will be driving at high speeds. So please take that little bit more care. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Thanks SO much for making our Autumn Fayre a success!!

    We’d like to start by thanking everyone for coming out yesterday and supporting our Autumn Fayre.  We met so many lovely new people and dogs and finally got to put a face to the many friends we have on our Facebook page and some of our volunteers got to meet the new mums, dads and best friends of our adopted animals – we also met a few of our animal sponsors too.  The turn out yesterday completely surpassed our expectations and we’re so delighted to announce that we have raised an amazing €10,000 and we’re still counting the coins!!  This money was so desperately needed as everyone knows, times are very hard and we are really struggling to keep up and running.  Your generosity and support at this event will go such a long way to keeping us afloat and help us to keep on helping those animals who need a little help and guidance.

    There are so many people we’d like to thank .. Carlow County Council for allowing us to use the beautiful grounds of Duckett’s Grove we so appreciate it and are forever grateful.  To every single person and dog who came along on the day, all our amazing and dedicated volunteers on the day (and back at the ranch!) to Linda Martin who took time out from her busy schedule to help us judge the Dog Show (with so many dogs we honestly didn’t envy Linda), to Petmania for sponsoring the Dog Show Prizes, to Wonder Paws for hosting an amazing Agility Course which was enjoyed by so many, to all those who donated, those who sponsored and helped out so much on the day … thank you so much for everything you’ve all individually contributed to this fantastic boost for ASH.  We and all the animals in our care now and in the future are so grateful! Thanks guys! Between us … we can, do and will make a difference!!  


    Below are the Dog Show winners. Perhaps some of you might have some pics you’d like to share – we’d absolutely love to see them (you can email these to and we’d love to post them here or on our Facebook page).  We’ll add more to FB in the coming days anyway.  Keep an eye out!

    The Class Winners

    Unfortunately (but understandably) not all of the dogs stayed still long enough to capture the class winners all in one pic but hey … there was so much going on with excited dogs and happy owners … so here are a few snaps of the official winners in their classes (at least a dog or their owner usually made it into the pics!!).  

    Class 1  (tiny and small dogs) and Class 2  (medium and large dogs)


    Class 3 (rescue dogs) 


    Class 4 (puppies) and Class 5 (Golden Oldies) 


    Class 6 (children with dog) 


    Class 7 (best trick)

    Class 8 (Dog you’d most like to take home)

    Drum roll please for BEST IN SHOW

    Of course we all know that every single dog who turned up on the day with their families, their Mums and Dads and their Best Friends are WINNERS.  They all waited patiently for their class to be called, they mixed with fellow canines, they mixed with kids and adults alike and they were simply outstanding!!  Everyone who came along with their dogs and their kids should be exceptionally proud of their behaviour on the day.  It was a joy to witness.
    THANK YOU EVERYONE (we’ll upload all our pics to our FB album this week)!

    can you help …

    We are hoping some of you could give us a huge dig out and help us by printing a copy of our Autumn Fayre poster and putting up on a noticeboard in your local shop or vets, groomers, workplace or college or wherever you think you could.  Our poster can be printed HERE.   We’d really really appreciate any help you could give us in this regard to help us get the word out there about this fantastic event (see events page for full details).  Thanks so much guys.

    Buzz and Coco (ex-ASH pups) at class!

    Look who we spotted playing a blinder in puppy training classes at Wonderpaws in Bray last Sunday! Only 2 stunning ex ASH pups … Buzz and Coco. Buzz (top pics) and Coco (bottom pics). We loved watching them having a little fun with all the other amazing pups and carrying out all their tricks with their owners. Sooo impressed. Wonderpaws will be joining us at our Autumn Fayre on 29th September where they will have a fun agility course and also an Ask the Trainer tent where they can answer any training questions you might have. Wonderful stuff Wonderpaws. Well done Buzz, Coco and all the others for going to class and doing so well too!!

    Autumn Fayre 29th September 2013

    This September the 29th we will host an Autumn Fayre in the grounds of the very beautiful and picturesque Duckett’s Grove in Carlow. It promises to be an amazing day with events to suit everyone (from 1.30-7.30).   CLICK HERE FOR OUR FULL FLYER.  The first main event is a blessing of the animals and a tree of remembrance and this will be followed by a fun filled day including a dog show (sponsored by Petmania) with Linda Martin as celebrity judge.   There is a wonderful woodland walk for all the family.  Wonderpaws will be doing dog agility training.  There are will be Arts, food and craft stalls for everyone to sample.  There’s a childrens village to keep the little ones entertained … there are live bands and the list of events just goes on and one.  It promises to a be a great day out for everyone.  Entrance is just €5 per car.   Please come along to support us on the day.




    Please!!! We really need your help!! With the massive influx of animals, particularly over the past 6 months, we are seriously struggling to keep our heads above water let alone to keep up with our ever increasing vet bills. We’ve now reached crisis stage with our vet bills in particular and it’s very much taking it’s toll on all of us! We honestly need you and rarely put out such a plea for help but we’ve no choice right now. We’re hoping that our friends and supporters might donate 5 euro each to get us through this – we need anything you can donate asap! We’re also asking that you might share with your friends who might help with fundraising efforts now more than ever. We will be running an official fundraising collection out on the streets towards the end of August in Dublin City (and would love to hear from volunteers to help us out there too – more later on that). Right now though we just hope you can consider making a 5 euro donation and help us continue to help them. Thank you so much everyone!! We really appreciate it.

    Free food in August – please don’t miss it!

    Huge thanks to who are offering ASH a WHOLE BAG of pet food FREE for every bag bought by you guys for this entire month!  We’re so hoping that your pet food supplies are due for a top up this month?? To be honest this offer couldn’t come at a better time for us as we are struggling more than we ever this time of year.  So if you are low on supplies and would like to get them delivered to your door AND at the same time donate a free bag of food to help us feed our animals that would be outstanding!! We really need your support!  Please check out who have been so kind to put this offer out for the month of August!! Offers like this come few and far between and we really hope that people might consider choosing to help us help our lovely animals!!  Thanks so much everyone!

    The Slaney pups – rescued twice in one week


    Last week 3 little pups were rescued from the River Slaney by a passer who thankfully spotted them and waded in and took them out. They are only days old and only for the help of these people they would have had no chance of surviving.   We see a lot of cruelty cases in ASH however nothing prepares you for something like this. These poor babies so deserved better and for someone to just dispose of them in such a careless manner really upsets us all.    We were very concerned for these puppies. Although we dried them off and warmed them up we worried that without a mother they may not survive.

    However after our Tv3 appearance with the little pups a wonderful person got in touch with us.   Their dog, Sasha got pregnant earlier this year.  While everyone was so excited and looking forward to the arrival of the puppies, something wasn’t quite right and Sasha’s one and only puppy died.  She was very down for a number of days. It broke her owners heart to see her like this especially knowing there was nothing she could do.   A few days later the family got two kittens and instantly Sasha brightened up and took the kittens as her own, she even started to feed them even though the kittens were already fully reared!

    Even though they live in Galway Sasha hit the road with her owner to meet Helena along with the three puppies. All went really well and Sasha was delighted to take on the puppies.

    All three are feeding really well and are now called Coco, Crumbs and Cream. Once the puppies are fit and healthy they will all be going to loving new homes. All of which are already organised and Sasha will be neutered. We are so grateful to Sasha’s family for taking the time and making every effort possible to help save the lives of these three beautiful puppies.

    Flora Women’s Mini Marathon 2013



    What a glorious day you all had for the womens mini-marathon! Thank you to every single one of you who took part in this challenge and “ran for rescue” … crossing that line thinking of our animals! Well done everyone – your help and support will go such a long way towards our continued care for our animals.  Your efforts and contributions really do help us so much and it means a lot to all of us in ASH.  Quite simply we couldn’t continue without people like yourselves helping us help them.  We really needed a boost and you all came through for us!!  Thanks so much!!! We’ve shared a few pics we’ve received below!

    A food drop from Mars … (Mars Ireland that is)

    Thank you so much to Mars Ireland who donated this delivery of food after we came along to help support the Pedigree Adoption Drive in Supervalu Palmerstown and Clarehall.  Our Sadie and Dante we’re quite literally “all over it“.  This is a great boost to us and we are so grateful to everyone in Mars for this donation and for holding their Pedigree Adoption Drive in the first place which we know will help so many rescue centres across the country.  Thanks Mars!

    Thank you Supervalu Palmerstown & Pedigree Adoption Drive

    A huge thank you to the Pedigree Adoption Drive team for their wonderful work, for asking about and listening to our stories yesterday.  They were terrific and made a great team with our very own Helena and Laura (and Caroline who dropped in too) in Supervalu Palmerstown.  We took along the newly named little pups Holly and Nicky (aka Jessie pups) as well as the lovely and totally and utterly adorable Jazzi (a double of our Willis) and our very own little film star, dote and poser extraordinaire … Dante.  We are so very grateful to Supervalu for allowing us come along with a few animals on the day and for helping us share the word that adoption is the way!   As we did our thing inside FM 104 were doing their thing and playing away outside in their huuuge truck all the while supporting the Pedigree Adoption Drive.  Fantastic!  OPT TO ADOPT!!!




    Some of you will remember the very beautiful Jasmine.  Jasmine was hit by a car a while back and had an extremely bad injury to her leg.  It was a long and tough road to recovery but we are happy so say that she has pretty much fully recovered now … her leg can still be a little wobbly but nothing to worry about.  We are also thrilled to say that this lovely girl only went and landed herself a wonderful new home.  We all miss her here in ASH but it’s so great to know she is being looked after so well!

    St Patricks Day draw … the result …

    Everyone in ASH would like to wish all our friends, sponsors and volunteers a wonderful St Patricks Day.  We hope you all were out there enjoying the day and having fun with family, pets and friends.  Earlier this afternoon in ASH the draw took place for the jersey signed by the 2009 Irish Rugby Grand Slam Winners.  At last we can announce that the lucky winner is …

    Paudie Dowling with ticket No 0644.  Huge Congratulations Paudie!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH to every single person who very generously contributed to this raffle.  Each and every one of you have only gone and raised very close to €2,000 for our animals!!!  That’s absolutely AMAZING … we couldn’t possibly have hoped for a better result and we (and our animals) are so grateful to all of you!!

    “Remmmmiiiii … where’s the loaf gone??”


    Our Angie was well and truly caught rapid after stealing some bread from the kitchen.  We have to admit we were secretly quite proud of her at her very grand old age of 18 … she’s still managing to get up to a little mischief and maintain that “butter wouldn’t melt” look!!  Awwww! We gotta love ya Angie!

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